My (Little) Corporate Helper

Kelsey stopped by my office the other day, we were on our way to her first Spring Training game. I had a work event that I needed to be at, so I decided Kelsey and I would make a date out of it. But first … she had to write me some to-do’s on the white board. That meant erasing all of the real deadlines that I had up there. Ever wish you could take your child with you to work every day? Me too.

office design

3 thoughts on “My (Little) Corporate Helper

  1. I love the clock art! I would never get anything done if I brought my kids with me (even if they weren’t 3, 1,1) A lot of coworkers bring their dogs and I often think about bringing one of mine but again, I think she would be too distracting. I used to bring her years ago when I was in a different position but eh, I guess work is my “break” from that part of my life.