A Personalized Puzzle Stool for Nolan

Personalized Puzzle Bench

Our friends at The Phoenician gave baby Nolan the cutest personalized puzzle stool. The cutest, right? We are so grateful for a gift that will move from the nursery to his “big boy room” one day. I can just see him using this stool for all kinds of things – stepping up to brush his teeth, getting into places he can’t reach.

Right now, his older brother keeps taking the letters off and rearranging them on the floor. Ha. I guess I’ll have to buy his brother one too. It’s still so amazing seeing Nolan’s name in writing. Last year, he was just a figment of our imagination and now he is here! Nolan is our family’s missing puzzle piece (no pun intended) and now we’re complete.

I believe they got this personalized puzzle stool from TinyKeepsakes.com.