Our Father’s Day Reality

Father’s Day was anything but relaxing. I tried to make it so, but relaxing weekends and children don’t mix. I restored three of his electric guitars, fixed his amp and even volunteered to clean every dirty diaper.

But then we invited family over and someone had to mow the grass (not it!) and Colton was teething and Kelsey was being four, so after all was said and done, Ryan got about 46 minutes of alone time on Friday to himself. I really did feel horrible. So I made this breakfast.

I would like to think it was made with gluten-free flour and metabolism burning whip cream, but it wasn’t. It was just made with good ‘ole love and lots of calories. I think the most relaxing part of Sunday was when everyone was eating this and no one was talking/ screaming/ yelling/ punching/ biting/ fighting or trying to outperform the other.

fathers day breakfast2 fathers day breakfast