Our Weekend Wrap up

Even though we did ‘nothing’ this weekend was sure eventful. Friday night was spent with the kids, then a private concert in our living room (Ryan bought the RCPM DVD and we pretended that we were out of the house, at some cool club, watching our favorite band). We watched ASU beat UofA in basketball (bummer), then we went to bed.

Saturday was an early morning. Off to Kelsey’s swim class at 8:30am. We stopped at Starbucks before hand with both kids in tow. People stared. I think they thought we were Those Parents who never dress their children. Kelsey was in a robe (it’s a swimsuit cover-up but could totally pass as a robe). My hair was a mess, Colton had food all over his shirt (nothing new) and Ryan hadn’t showered. It’s called surviving, people.

Then, Ryan leaves for Colton’s first day at My Gym at 9am. I get Kelsey out of the pool and we are in the changing room when I noticed that I have no keys. Ryan took off with my diaper bag and the car keys! Thankfully I know someone at swim class with two car seats, so we asked her for a ride. Phew.

We get to Colton’s gym class and he sees me through the gates. He starts coming towards me whining for him to pick him up. But we still have 30 minutes of  unpaid ‘gym time’ so Kelsey and I run out and leave him with dad (he does so much better without me sometimes). Kelsey and I had nothing to do for 30 minutes so we found a nail salon and got a polish change. Out of all the colors, she picked blue.

Saturday night was a blur. I swear, you go-go-go all day and then you turn around and it’s time for your nightly routine … bath, books, bed. Oh, how we love bedtime around here. I can’t help but feel super accomplished once we get the two kids down at night. Do you get that feeling too?

Sunday was pretty tame. We spent all day running errands and organizing. I finally got around to cleaning my china (the china we got for our wedding five years ago) and organizing my china cabinet. We also cleaned out our entire garage and donating things we don’t need (how do we accumulate so much stuff?).

And now, the weekend has finally come to an end. Ryan and I are left with two giant headaches. Literally. We were getting ready for bath, when Colton ran out of the room … naked. Then, he fell. My instinctual reaction was to quickly grab him (and so was Ryan’s) to which we slammed heads with each other. Kelsey thought that was hilarious!! So did Colton. I mean, they couldn’t stop laughing.

So, here we are. Two kids FINALLY in bed, splitting headaches, all out of wine, getting ready to cue up The Walking Dead. I hope your weekend of nothing was just as eventful as ours. Life with two … it’s madness, I tell ya.


2 thoughts on “Our Weekend Wrap up

    1. I have no idea! But, then I said that when I had one kid. I think you just … do. And you end of paying way more for wine.