Photos of my tribe

I know this stay-at-home-with-your-child gig is really hard; it’s tiring and draining and some days I feel like shouting, “What about me!!” And for those moms out there where this is your full-time job, props to you! For goodness sake, your day revolves around a child 24/7 – and you’re never alone – buuuuuut I’m not at work. I don’t have to meet deadlines, drive top line revenue, give presentations, or engage in back to back conference calls.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. Love. But, without work stuff in my life, I’m actually really stress free. I needed this maternity leave to bond with my son, recover from labor and to unwind from the daily duties of my corporate job. All of which I am so grateful for. Anyway. That was just something that was on my mind.

Here are a few pics of my family from this week.

DSC08998 small

We have been reading machines over here. We always read at night, but now Kelsey wants to go the library and read a new book every week. I’m not kidding. Every week = a new book from the library. We love how much she is reading – she’s sounding out her words and really getting the hang of it. You go, little lady.

mom blog many hats of a mom

Ryan and I went and saw Wicked. He’s so dang cute, don’t you think. This is Ryan during intermission. I snapped a picture when he was talking. I’m sly like that. We thought we were being sneaky and found these two empty chairs off to the side. Then out of nowhere we were surrounded by people. So many people! We looked up and noticed we were sitting right outside of the bathroom doors. Fail.


Oh, and this is me at Postinos. We went to this local wine bar right after the show. We had 45 minutes before we had to get home and release my mother-in-law from babysitting duties so we literally speed walked to our car and ordered the minute we sat down. For the record, I did my nails in the car and threw my hair in a horribly messy bun. Bet you couldn’t tell I got ready in under 5 minutes. Ha.

mom blog many hats of a mom

This is Nolan at the doctor’s office this morning. We had his one month checkup. He’s 12lbs, 12 ounces and 24 inches! For the record, that’s pretty large. He’s our little beanstalk. This kid … I could just eat him up.

mom blog many hats of a mom

Colton Cross – what a charmer! The other morning, he just had to mow the grass before school. He’s been waking up really early lately. As in 4:30am early. It’s a real joy – considering I am just crawling back in bed after waking up and feeding the baby. But, that’s what these years are all about. We signed up for this. No sleep. No privacy. No alone time. But more love than our hearts can hold.

These are the days we remember. Or, if you’re me … you’ve lost all memory, so instead these are the days you blog about, so you will remember later.