Sabrina & Shaun’s Rehearsal Dinner

the us grant hotel san diego wedding

In downtown San Diego, my parents hosted my brother and his wife’s Rehearsal Dinner. The Grant Grill at the US GRANT Hotel exceed our every expectation. I’m telling you, I have never – ever, ever, ever – had such wonderful service. And the food? Ryan said it was the “best halibut” he has ever had. And that’s a tall order coming from him. After a little rehearsal in their ballroom (how beautiful it was!) we headed down for dinner.

us grant san diego wedding

Rehearsal Dinner

*It’s kind of hard to tell in this photo, but check out Sabrina’s dress. It was a beautiful, silk-like white dress with a bow in the back. She got it from Bloomingdale’s. I’ll try to find out the brand.

At the rehearsal dinner, my kids were actually really well-behaved. Imagine that. Kelsey had so much fun playing with the other two flower girls that when we entered the restaurant she said, “Mom, I’m going to go sit with them.” And so she did. I was half insulted and half proud that she’s become so independent. Ryan, Colton, Grandma Betty and I grabbed a booth to ourselves.

Here are some pictures from dinner.

DSC06133 small

DSC06139 small

DSC06141 small

See that handsome boy in the middle? That’s Spencer, my baby brother. Shaun & Spence are 13 months apart (my parents are crazy) and during his best man speech the following night, it was the first time he genuinely stopped, paused and said, “I love you” to Shaun (I’m told “bros” don’t do that often). See what I mean! The entire weekend was torture for my pregnancy hormones. There were many moments like that one where my heart stood still.



The bride & groom! These two were glowing all weekend.

PS – As I type this blog post, I got a video from Shaun & Sabrina. It’s a “tour” of their hotel room in Anguilla, where they are for their honeymoon. It’s not a room though, it’s more like a 1,200 square foot house! It has 2 bathrooms, opens right to the ocean and looks like paradise. The Viceroy simply upgraded them upon arrival. How lucky are they? Ahhh … the honeymoon. Arguably, the BEST part of a wedding.

DSC06209 small

DSC06178 small

For the record, I thought I didn’t take any pictures. Then, I looked at my SIM card and realized I took 633 photos this weekend! Oh, my goodness. That’s a little embarrassing. Well, that’s all for now.