Sabrina’s California Bridal Shower

california bridal shower

Amongst all the bridesmaids (yep, there’s ten of them – two not pictured) and the gorgeous bride (center, in white) there are three little flower girls in this photo. Kelsey included. If this moment captured is any indication of how this wedding is going to go, Sabrina and my brother, Shaun, will have the wedding of the year!

It was such a beautiful weekend in Newport Beach, showering my soon to be sister-in-law with love and presents. My mom and I took Kelsey out for a girls-only weekend and in addition to the bridal shower, we found time to go to the beach, get mani/ pedis, shop and dine out with Sabrina’s family. More pictures to come, but for now – here are a few favorites from the bridal shower.

Seriously (and I mean this from the bottom of my heart) it was one of the best bridal showers I’ve been to. So much love & laughter. We were celebrating my brother’s future wife, after all, so that played a huge role in how amazing the day was for my mom and I.

bridal shower

bridal shower 13

bridal shower 2

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bridal shower

bridal shower 7

bridal shower

bridal shower 4

The cutest Kate Spade bag you ever did see! One her best friends gave her this bag (she added the scarf) and you’re supposed to write in fabric pen your new last name. Great bridal shower gift idea!

Above this picture is Kelsey and her “new friends” – Taylor and Riley. They are also flower girls. Kelsey was super shy at first, but within about 20 minutes these girls were playing games by the pool and take pics with each other. See Riley trying to put her arm around Kelsey? Instant friends.

bridal shower 8

bridal shower 5

bridal shower 9

bridal shower 10

I love you so much Sabrina, but you totally sucked at the games. She got about 3 questions right from, “How well does my groom know me?” Here she is with a giant wad of bubble gum in her mouth (she had to chew a piece for every wrong answer) thinking about her next question.

bridal shower

And here we are, six months pregnant and counting. There’s no hiding this pregnancy anymore, Nolan was there in all his glory. This was truly a wonderful weekend. We are so thankful to all of Sabrina’s friends & family for making this a day to remember. Next up, the wedding!