Saturday Night at the Ranch

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tumbleweed ranch 4



We wanted to try a new park so we took the kids to Chandler to play at Tumbleweed Park. As we were driving into the park, we saw a sign for “Tumbleweed Ranch.” Intrigued, we decided to take a peek. It was the cutest little spot! The photographer in me got so excited because this place is a gold mine for photo opts.

There are two historic farm houses on the ranch, along with rustic trucks, wagon wheels and even some roosters! Behind the ranch we saw a ton of trees with …  oranges? Well, I thought they were oranges. The kids thought they were lemons and Ryan thought they were grapefruits. You can tell how much we know about that.

I’m going to photograph two family holiday shoots here because I just fell in love with the charm of the location. It’s directly across from the park so right after the kids went and played. Yes, you’ll notice Kelsey is wearing boots, a tank top and earmuffs. If you guess that she dressed herself, you would be right! I love it though. Earmuffs and sunglasses. A style all her own.