Searching for Summer Succulents

Summer succulentsLast weekend you could have found me searching for succulents. I know, I know … I lead a pretty hip and cool life. Actually, I have this bay window in my kitchen that looks best with flowers in it. But I’m getting a little tired of replacing flowers every month. So, I decided summer succulents were the best choice.

Plus, I live in the desert so it’s the right thing to do. Nothing else will stay alive in this heat. It was kind of fun picking these out. Now I just need to find the perfect pots to compliment the trio of succulents that I selected. No clue where to get cool flower pots, but these terra-cotta ones will do for now. Here are all the beautiful succulents that spent the day with me.

The smallest succulent is a bit floppy, but I think that’s why I liked it so much. Colton seems to like them too. Who am I kidding, he’s obsessed with the faucet. So much so that I can’t even pour a glass of water without him going, “Mine, mine, mine!” Now to find pots …