Shots & Shark Bites

I took a personal day from work so I would be with Kelsey all day. We had a 9:45am doctor’s appointment (her 4 year well visit). Translation: the day she had to get 4 shots. It sucks too because she is so aware now. We were preparing her for weeks.

We played doctor at home and told her that shots just make “a little pinch” and then it’s all over. I even planned the entire day out – after shots we would meet Grandpa for pizza and then we would go see the movie, Frozen. I brought Tylenol to the doctor’s office and a little ice pack to ease the pain.

She did great. She sat on my lap and took her shots like a champ. Her little eyes got so teary eyed and she cried a bit. But after an hour or so, she was good as new. After her shots, I looked at her and said, “Does it hurt, baby? What does it feel like?” To which she replied, “A shark bite. It hurts like a shark bite.” If that wasn’t cute enough she then said, “Mom, I never want shots again. Not for many years. Never.” I had to promise her that she wouldn’t get any more.

She gets more at 5 years, right? I hope her little memory fades her. She’s upstairs sleeping now. Bless that little girl. These two kids are my world and I hate seeing them sad. But thank goodness for extra mommy hugs and a little Häagen-Dazs ice cream to ease any pain.