Succulent Bridal Shower Favors

succulent bridal shower favors

My sister-in-law is getting married! We attended her bridal shower over the weekend (more photos on that later) and had so much fun putting together some desert-inspired party favors. Even though she lives in Los Angeles, she’s an Arizona girl at heart so we wanted something that would tie into her roots.

Here’s a super simple idea for bridal shower favors.

succulent bridal shower favors


– Buy mini geometric planters (we got ours here)
– Spray paint planters a color of your choice (I did metallic gold)
– Buy 4oz succulents (I found them for $2.48 each at Lowe’s)
– Get mini pebbles to place around the top of the plant once planted (also at Lowe’s)
– Watch love bloom! Cheesy?
succulent bridal shower favors

I ended up ditching the home-made flags because after all 20 were put together, I felt the flag took away from how simplistic they looked. But, it’s up to you. The flag was just washi tape and a toothpick. I hope you get some inspiration from this post the next time you’re in charge of party favors.