Suite photos I just had to have

Because my job is amazing (sorry, but it is) I get to work with some of the best hotels in the industry. Some I directly work with and others I stare at from a distance in awe. Like the St. Regis New York – the first St. Regis to open its doors back in 1904. Oh, how lovely it is. The heritage behind the brand … well, that’s something worth looking up. It’s a pretty cool story about the Astor family.

Anyway, part of my job is to source good imagery for marketing email campaigns. Images that make you want to book a stay at our hotels. While I was doing this, I came across some amazing photos of the suite entrances, hotel corridors and interior rooms of this hotel. Something about these photos caught my eye.

It’s the architecture, the welcoming entrance, the colors of the doors. They are all so intriguing. I ended up printing some of these photos for my own office. I just have to find some frames that do them justice and then I’ll be able to stare at these pretty images all day.

Makes you want to visit, doesn’t it?

St. Regis New York -Hotel Corridor St. Regis New York -Dior Suite Living Room St. Regis New York-Dior Suite Living Room St. Regis New York-Tiffany Suite - Dining Room with Central Park view St. Regis New York-Bentley Suite Living Room

St. Regis New York-Tiffany Suite EntranceSt. Regis New York-Royal Suite Entrance St. Regis New York-Grand Suite Entrance St-regis-new-york-imperial-suite-entrancePhotos property of The St. Regis New York hotel.

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