Summer Road Trip with Kids

My recommendation when taking two kids on a summer road trip is to:

1. Have their favorite song (on repeat)

2. Pack books and toys to play with

3. Load the car up with snacks

4. Put sunshades on their windows

5. Make mini pit stops along the way

We took the kids on a little road trip this weekend. We were on our way to our family cabin. We had the iPad with movies tucked in my bag but never needed it. The kids didn’t nap but to our surprise they kept themselves busy.

We also took mini stops along the way that really helped. Especially the last stop at Bison Ranch (a colorful spot between Phoenix and Pinetop). We got the kids cookies and cream ice cream; I was just about to grab a table inside when Kelsey said, “Mom it’s nice outside. Let’s eat out there.”

Bison Ranch Bison Ranch Bison RanchBison Ranch

Bison Ranch Notice anything about Kelsey? Yep, her new thing is to stick her tongue at me when I take a photo. Just you wait … our entire weekend looked like this.

2 thoughts on “Summer Road Trip with Kids

  1. Fave song on repeat is very important. How many times will I listen to “Let It Go” with my sister’s kids over the summer? More times than I would probably care to. HAHA! Great post!