Sweet Girl. Sweet Tooth.

cupcakes 6
Kelsey and I walked into Sugar Lips Cakery to pick up an early birthday cake for Colton. I told myself that I would not buy a cupcake, “We are just there for a cake. Focus, Stephanie!” and then Kelsey spotted it … a perfectly pink cupcake with a swirl on top.

I got to the register with one cupcake and then, ah what the heck, throw in another one for me. The lady at the register said, “That will be $2.” Two dollars? As it turns out, Sugar Lips Cakery has a “Happy Hour” one hour before they close on Wednesdays and Saturdays where all cupcakes are one dollar!

Sweet, I thought before turning back to the register and asking for four more. I have no self-control. None. Whatsoever.

cupcakes 1

cupcakes 3

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We admired all of the beautiful cakes they had on display, and then we found a great corner in the cakery and dug in!