Kelsey’s Family Portrait / Children’s Art

children's artwork - many hats of a mom blogger

childrens artwork - many hats of a mom blogger

A child’s artwork is so insightful, isn’t it? I don’t know about you but I always analyze my kids artwork when they come home. I guess I’m looking for clues that they are indeed happy. I’ve probably watched too many crime shows that always start with signs in kids art that they are miserable. Like, if she started drawing black clouds, skulls, fire-breathing monsters pointed at mom … that sort of thing. Is that insane of me to admit?

Anyway, no signs of anything crazy over here. Kelsey came home with this drawing of our family yesterday and I LOVE it. We are all standing in the rain, holding umbrellas, underneath a beautiful rainbow. I love how she always draws us in order by height and she always paints a scene around us.

The best part about this one is how she drew her baby brother, Nolan. She put him in my arms!! See it? I about rolled over in happy tears when she brought this one home. I love it because that is exactly how she sees our family. This picture deserves a frame, for sure.