Sunday Funday with Friends

When our good friends, Teri and Danny came over with their newest bundle (baby ClementiMe – as Colton calls her), I couldn’t help but imagine what my life would be like with another baby in the mix. But then that notion was quickly squashed when I was holding baby Clementine and couldn’t keep my eyes on the three other kids running around my feet and trying to crawl into my lap. Props to those families with over three kids. I couldn’t do it!

In fact, while we were visiting, it suddenly became very quiet in our house (which is always an indicator that something is up). Sure enough, Nolan (my 16 month old) comes strolling out of the bathroom with my eyeliner on! All I could think of was … OMG that stuff is so expensive! That little squirt. Which proved even further that I wouldn’t be able to function with any more children.

We’re so thankful for fun Sunday’s like these. The circus tent in the background is super fitting … considering parenthood feels like a bit of a circus sometimes. Anyone else with me on that?






Colton just loved on her so much! He kept asking to hold the baby and would slowly pet her head. He couldn’t get enough. He’s one sweet boy.


And there’s baby Nolan, rocking mom’s favorite eyeliner and his best Zoolander expression.

Newborn Photos with Baby Clementine

scottsdale newborn photographer
This is the only photo I’ll post because I want Teri to be the first to post them all, but I had to share one of my favorite moments from Clementine’s newborn baby photoshoot last weekend.

She’s 4 weeks old (and born a preemie) so we wanted to wait to take her photos until she was a bit stronger. She’s already 7lbs and simply perfect. She let Teri and Danny cuddle her, change her, wrap her head in bows … whatever, she was so chill.

Nothing like my baby girl, I’ll tell you that. Seeing your friend in her zone was truly the best part of my day. Welcome to the world, baby Clementine.

Nolan’s First St. Patrick’s Day

When you’re the baby of the family, not a moment goes by where someone isn’t poking, tickling, cuddling, squeezing or loving on you. Tonight was no exception. It was Nolan’s first St. Patrick’s Day and while I was snapping a photo of the crew, the kids did this.

phoenix mom blogger

I don’t know what it is about Nolan, but he is just so cuddly. Maybe it’s because he’s my baby and I just can’t get enough. When I was pregnant with him, I would sneak away from parties & events and have quiet moments with him. Usually, I would sneak out onto a porch and just sit, rub my belly, and talk to him without distraction. Now that he is born I am keeping this tradition alive. I call it our little “sneak aways.” During dinner tonight, we had a “sneak away” and Ryan caught us having a special moment.

phoenix mom blogger

phoenix mom blogger

The Real Life of Bloggers

I wanted to share a ‘real life’ blogger moment with you. About 2 months ago, I was styling products for Stowaway Cosmetics. I was hosting a giveaway on my mom blog and I wanted to take the perfect photo that would illustrate the size of the cosmetics (because that’s their thing, their cosmetics are just the ‘right size’ and not too large).

I decided my son was the perfect model to showcase the size of the product. So, I set up a little area in his nursery (it’s where I do most of my photo shoots because it has the best natural light) to photograph their products. I got the perfect shot (after about 50 tries) when suddenly, he puked!


Baby puked all over the product and my backdrop. Ugh! I had to start all over. It was a real behind-the-scenes moment that I just had to share. Because, to this day, this photo still makes me laugh. Just know … nothing is what is seems on the internet with bloggers. There, I said it.

awkward blogger moments - many hats of a mom family blogger

awkward blogger moments - many hats of a mom family blogger

Why I Love Maternity Leave

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Besides the obvious, being off work for 8-10 weeks, I am so thankful for the opportunity to bond with my newborn son without interruption while on maternity leave. I don’t take this time for granted nor do I take for granted how thankful I am to my company for providing paid leave.

Sure, we aren’t Netflix, who offers 12 months leave, but I do get a few weeks to bond, heal from labor and just enjoy quiet days like this one was. Yesterday, Nolan and I spent the day listening to the rain and talking to each other (that was mostly me). I snapped a few pictures to remember this moment by. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my afternoon.

PS – At six weeks old, he’s already growing out of this rocker thing!

mom blogger

DSC09824 small

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Those little piggies! I could just eat those toes up.

Wine, Babies & Lunch

many hats of a mom

girlfriends - mom blog

My husband told me that I needed to get out of the house. I was going a little stir crazy being on lock down with Nolan. So, naturally, I called one of my best friends and she immediately agreed to a lunch date. Lunch means wine and lots of conversation in our book. So, that’s exactly what we did. For three hours, to be exact.

Teri is one of my dearest friends and one of those girls who will come over, rock your baby, play with your kids and bring a bottle of wine. What in the world would I do without friends like this in my life. Feeling pretty grateful today for her and for three hours of uninterrupted girl and wine time.

We went to Z Tejas and guess what our waiter’s name was? NOLAN! I am serious. I may have pulled him aside and said, “Nolan!!! I love your name? Do you love your name? Do you? Do you?” I was a bit of a creep like that. He was actually named after the baseball player, Nolan Ryan. Ahem, that’s my son’s name!

Ahhh … today was a great day.

Not-so-Newborn Photos

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

Funny story: I tried taking “newborn photos” of my little, Nolan Ryan Cross. The thing is, he’s 17 days old and he is already over 11lbs and 23 inches. Which means, all of the cute baskets and “newborn poses” that I put him in just looked ridiculous. Let’s face it: he doesn’t look like a newborn. So … I scrapped the traditional newborn photos and just took pics of him doing his thing.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

He also wouldn’t sleep. Aren’t you supposed to get photos of them sleeping? I kind of like the photos of him more aware though. I like seeing into those baby blues. His expressions make me giggle.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

My best friend, Angie’s mother gave us this dog from Anthropologie at my daughter’s baby shower (five years ago!). I love how this little pup has made his way into the arms of each of my three children.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Many Hats of a Mom Blog

Mom blog - Arizona

We call his feet “puppy paws” – big feet for such a young baby. He will soon grow into these puppy paws of his.

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom

How cute are these anchor diapers from The Honest Company? The girls at my work gifted us these and I love them. Sadly, this will be my only pack. If you know my husband, you’ll know that he would never pay double for diapers just to get a cute, printed booty. So, I’ll just enjoy these while they last.

Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger Many Hats of a Mom
Nolan Ryan Newborn Photos - Mom Blogger

We just love this little man so much. Our family is complete. xo

48 Hour Scare

nolan mom blogger

We had a little drama this week. On Monday evening, we noticed that Nolan wasn’t eating as much – he usually nurses for about 20 minutes or drinks 4 ounces, and since he was eating about half of this amount each feeding, we knew something was up. By 2am we noticed a low-grade fever. By 8am, I was standing in line at the pediatrician’s office waiting to be seen by our doctor. By 8:45am his fever was 98.6 so we were told to go home and carefully monitor him.

By noon, I could tell his fever was back.  His forehead felt really warm. Ryan came home from work and bought us an old school thermometer because doc’s orders were, “You have to take his temperature in the rectum to get the best results.” I groaned, “Aren’t the forehead thermometers just as accurate.” It was a $60 thermometer, after all. Turns out the answer is, “At his age, you have to take it in the rectum.” Insert panic on my part here. I made Ryan do it. I just can’t stick that thing up there, it doesn’t seem right.

Sure enough, his temperature had spiked to 100.7. By 1pm, I was standing in line at the Cardon Children’s Hospital with Nolan in my arms, waiting to be seen. By 2pm, Nolan had been admitted to the hospital and received a spinal tap, blood work, IV and catheter to help determine if this was just a nasty virus or a bacteria infection.

By 3pm, I was told that Nolan had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours until all test results were back. I wasn’t going anywhere so I looked at Nolan, kissed his sweet face and – through some tears of my own – said, “Alright, buddy. You ready for a 2 day sleepover?” It was about this time that I realized I had not showered that day and had no overnight belongings. Lovely.

By 4pm on Tuesday, we were settled into our hospital room and that is where we stayed until noon on Thursday. I am so grateful we were in such great care, because on Tuesday night his fever spiked to 103. Talk about panic on my end. However the nurses were as calm as could be. They had it all taken care of. In fact, they were always two steps ahead of me.

Baby Nolan was given antibiotics, fluids and he was nursing – he was also stuck cradled in my arms (I was not about to let go for one second!) so to say he was in great, loving care, was an understatement. Turns out, the fever broke on Wednesday at 10:30am and we were allowed to go home 24 hours later. All of the test results searching for an infection came back negative. Praise Jesus.

I thanked God for taking care of him. I cried. I did a little dance. We were able to go home! Now, Nolan is healthy, happy and has returned to his normal self. It was just some horrible virus that he had to kick. I learned a lot over these past few days. I learned how great nurses are. How wonderful my husband and family is. And how strong a bond is between a mother and child.

Now … where were we. Ah yes, that shower. Let’s go get to it.

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