Newborn Photos with Baby Clementine

scottsdale newborn photographer
This is the only photo I’ll post because I want Teri to be the first to post them all, but I had to share one of my favorite moments from Clementine’s newborn baby photoshoot last weekend.

She’s 4 weeks old (and born a preemie) so we wanted to wait to take her photos until she was a bit stronger. She’s already 7lbs and simply perfect. She let Teri and Danny cuddle her, change her, wrap her head in bows … whatever, she was so chill.

Nothing like my baby girl, I’ll tell you that. Seeing your friend in her zone was truly the best part of my day. Welcome to the world, baby Clementine.

The Parenting Hat: Two Months Young

Colton was a champ at his two-month wellness visit today. He did great with his shots and even gave mom some snuggle time in the waiting room (that’s the best part). Here are his stats.

Just click the image to enlarge and read easier.

colton at two months

Just to put it into perspective, his sister (who is the tallest in her class) was 95 percentile for height and 75 percentile for weight at this age.