Individual Frozen Key Lime Pies

I logged into Pinterest for the first time in years (it seems) and I saw this beautiful piece of dessert staring back at me. I’m pregnant, hungry all the time, and hot – so this refreshing dessert looks perfect for me. I’ll be making this something this week. Wish me luck. Recipe and link to more photos if you want to join me.

Key Lime Pie Recipe

All photos from Dana’s cooking blog.

From the Kitchen of Kelsey Cross

baking a cake

baking a cake
Princess Hamburger Five-Layer Cake

Let’s just say Kelsey and I haven’t perfected the art of making a layered cake yet. The other day, we decided to bake a cake. We didn’t read any directions, we just decided to wing it. That made for half of the fun! We wanted it five layers (Kelsey’s choice) and all kids of colors (again, her call). We didn’t get rid of the ‘bubble’ on the layer that result in a fast bake time, instead we just stacked and let the cake lay where it may.

It was hilarious! No, seriously, this was the best part of baking. Allowing your four-year-old dictate the colors of the cake, not worrying about a mess and frosting with your fingers, and forgetting to tighten the lid on the sprinkles before pouring them on top of your cake. We really did have a great time baking together. After it was all done, Ryan walked in and said, “Is it supposed to look like a hamburger?” Well, no. It’s not. But since it does, we called this our Princess Hamburger Cake. And if you’re wondering, it tasted amazing.

baking a cake - mom blog

baking a cake - mom blogabaking a cake 5

baking a cake

Kid Parties: Little Mermaid Cake

When Andrea brought over Kelsey’s cake, I thought it was perfect. It was ombré on the outside (and inside) and had blue pearls on it, perfect for her Little Mermaid theme. Then she mentioned she had to “assemble the cake.” What happened next was culinary magic.

cake 3

Suddenly, we were looking at a beautiful cake, with Ariel on top and the words K-E-L-S-E-Y spelled out. Personalized and perfect. Kelsey couldn’t take her eyes off of it.


little mermaid party ideas


See those orange things? Andrea made candy mold starfish and shells to add as accents to the cake and the cupcakes. It’s details like this that truly made Kelsey’s day extra special. If you’re wondering … they tasted great too.



Andrea makes fantastic specialty cakes, desserts, cake pops, brownies – you name it. If you’re ever in the market for a cute kids cake or a themed dessert for one of your parties, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to pass along her information.

The D.I.Y Hat: Cupcake Protest Toppers

I like this idea so much that I have to re-blog about it. All you have to do is print this template on pretty cardstock. Then, take a toothpick and glue the sign to the pick. Stick the signs in your favorite dessert, like cupcakes, and you will have created funny protest toppers! A humorous dessert sign that will be a great conversation piece at your next party. I love this idea. Thanks to The Sweetest Occasion – click over for more details!

The Baker’s Hat: Easy as (Pumpkin) Pie

If I don’t see my kitchen for another 190 days, I’ll be happy. I baked and baked and baked this weekend. And as soon as I was finished, I came across a cute baking blog and found these a-dorable two bite pumpkin pies. The recipe looks super easy to follow – but I’m tired of baking, so this recipe may have to wait until another weekend. In the meantime, drool away … (or visit this blog to get the recipe and give them a whirl).

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The Baking Hat: Frosted Christmas Cookies

I made the world’s best gingerbread and sugar cookies yesterday! Alright, alright … my mother-in-law made the world’s best gingerbread and sugar cookies yesterday. But, I frosted them! It takes a long time to frost cookies – especially when you have to stop and taste every other one. While baby took her second nap of the day, mommy frosted these cute guys.