Traffic Jam



I’ve been wondering when I was going to become that mom with toy cars all over her house. I see it all of the time with my other friends who have boys in the house. It was only a matter of time. Colton and I recently played “traffic jam” in the entryway of our house. We crashed, vroomed, and raced for what felt like hours, but was only 30 minutes. And so, it is now official … my house is becoming a parking lot for cars of all shapes and sizes.

Learning Numbers with Cars

Do you have a car lover at home? Colton hasn’t gotten into them just yet, but I have a feeling cars will be all over the house in no time. I saw this idea online and thought it was worth sharing. Get your kids more familiar with numbers with this easy-do-it-yourself game.

All you need is a shallow box (like a pizza box), black marker to make a “parking lot,” and your kids’ favorite cars. You just give the parking spaces a number and label your cars (I used colored stickers). It was really fun to watch – Kelsey (my four-year-old) did it perfectly and enjoyed it. Colton (my one-year-old) just put the cars in the box and walked off.

Eh. Maybe next year.


The stare down must be genetic

Just when I think we were all smiles and happy playing outside, Colton takes a 180 and started to give me the stare down look that both kids seem to have mastered so well. No one tell him that I find him super cute when he pouts.