A Brand is Born: REVEL Wedding Co.


I’m so excited to let you in on a project we’ve been working on for the past few months! Samantha Glascock is a luxury wedding planner in Scottsdale who coordinated my brother’s wedding in San Diego and my sister’s wedding in Phoenix. Samantha is such a talented wedding planner – but most importantly, she is honest, real, hilarious and makes every situation more fun just by being involved.

When Sam came to me asking if my marketing agency SEE IT SIDEWAYS would help her bring her vision to life it was a no-brainer to get involved. We worked through her brand positioning and helped design her a logo that reflected the dynamic brand that is REVEL. The script font is actually her handwriting that was turned into a font – which I just love because it exudes the distinct one-of-a-kind experience that you get when you work with REVEL.

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

revel wedding co many hats of a mom blog

Please check out RevelWeddingCo.com and let me know what you think. Photos courtesy of Elyse Hall and Andrea Jade and styled by Sam. I’m telling you, she’s a creative visionary and I’m so incredibly proud to know this girl.  Any brides out there? Email Sam directly here for information on her luxury wedding planning services.

Getting ready for a wedding

san diego wedding

little boy tuxedo

Not just any wedding, my little brother’s wedding!!! I can’t handle my excitement. I feel like it was just yesterday that they got engaged, but nope – it’s been about one year and we are all ready to see these two walk down the aisle.

Kelsey is a flower girl and Colton will following right behind in a tuxedo!!! We took Colton to go buy his tuxedo last week and I honestly wasn’t sure how he would react. My assumption was that he would hate it. But it was just the opposite!

He put it on like a champ and then walked out – rather ran out – of the dressing room to show his big sister his new outfit. It was actually good insight before the wedding because he treated this like a costume; once it was on, he turned super hyper running around like a super hero. Yikes. We’ll have to tone that down before the Big Day. But … back to Colton and this little tuxedo. My heart is going to explode.

I also found my great-grandma’s white beaded evening purse that Kelsey will wear (pictured, above). How special is that? Between her looking like an angel, Colton and this bow tie, my husband in a suit, and my family all surrounded around my brother and his fiancé – it’s going to be the perfect day. I just know it! Let’s just hope I don’t go into labor. Ha. Joking. Kind of.

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From Designing Websites to Designer Dresses


One day you’re building websites for Starwood hotels and the next you are trying on wedding dresses. That’s how Dani and Allison’s day went yesterday. Together with a few of my co-workers, we visited a local bridal boutique to pull some looks for an upcoming wedding film we are doing for work.



Dani and Allison were both models for the day, they took one for the team and tried on dresses for us to choose from (I guess that’s the drawback to being a perfect sample size).


Dani was the lucky one and quickly found herself in a bridesmaid and a wedding dress. I don’t care how old you are, or how many years you have been married (or not), you always find yourself twirling around and acting like a princess while wearing a poufy dress. No seriously, Dani actually swirled around and said, “Hold on. (insert twirl) I’m having a bridal moment.”

I just love how girls will be girls, no matter what age.