A Cross Cabin Evening Ritual

It’s true. After a long day of hiking, biking and skipping rocks on the lake, it’s only natural you unwind with a little campfire fire and s’mores. We introduced Colton to this delicious treat last summer while on our family vacation in Utah, but he was 8 months old so he never ate any. This time he got to partake in the fun.

At first he wasn’t sure, but then he got one taste and the rest was history. I can’t tell you how amazing this family vacation has been. There’s something so special about cutting out all of the clutter, noise (and stress!) of our every day lives and coming up north for a little peace, quiet, rest and relaxation. Wait, let me take the quiet part back … we’re still traveling with two kids after all.

smores - many hats of a mom blogsmores - many hats of a mom blogsmores - many hats of a mom blogsmores - many hats of a mom blogsmores - many hats of a mom blogsmores - many hats of a mom blog Oops. That one was mine. #smoresfail

smores - many hats of a mom blogThese were Ryan’s. Notice how perfect they are.

smores - many hats of a mom blog

“Mom, I got this.”

Kelsey has the art of posing in front of the camera down like a science. It’s like girls are just born with natural swagger. Colton on the other hand could care less if the camera is pointed his way.

I kept saying, “Colon, look over here. Colton, look at mommy. Colton, smile.” Finally, Kelsey took matters into her own hands and said, “Mom, I can get him to look at you.” Thanks, Kelsey.

little bear lake - manyhatsofamom.com

little bear lake - manyhatsofamom.comlittle bear lake We took these two to “Little Bear Lake” and watched as they strutted around. Kelsey was so proud to show me her “camp site”. It was actually this location where Ryan and Kelsey recently went camping (more from their past kids camping trip here.) We hope the first few days of summer are treating you well. We sure are having fun.