Children’s Travel Book

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Childrens Travel Books


Since I work for a hotel company, it was perfectly fitting that my co-workers surprised me with this children’s travel book for Nolan. It’s a book on New York City, one of my favorite places.

All of my co-workers wrote a note to Nolan on the inside cover. The sweetest messages such as, “without travel, we would have never met your mom …” along with words like, “someday when you are older, I bet your mom will take you here with your brother and sister so you can see the city for yourself” and “hopefully this book inspires you to travel and explore new places.”

I can’t wait to read this book (and these sweet notes) to Nolan. I know his sister and brother are going to love pointing to all of the pictures and helping him read it too. This book gets me so excited for all of the places we’ll go as a family of five.

Thank you to my Starwood family for being so thoughtful!

The Mommy Hat: For Your Little Bookworm

I recently came across a website that I think you will love. It’s called Book Pig. It’s kind of like Netflix for books. For $15 per month, you rent children’s books, they get delivered to your door (free shipping), you read them with your children, then you return. No library card required. Plus, the site will recommend books by age, subject, grade or gender.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of building a huge children’s library of books in our home. And I’m on my way to doing so (21 books for baby already!). But for your little bookworm, who reads books faster than you can say “The End”, might be a great solution.

P.S. – I wasn’t paid to say this. I just found this site and thought it was cool.