The Friendship Hat: Morning with Carly

There’s something about good friends … they always bring out the best in you. Yesterday morning, Carly paid us a visit. Carly and I go waaaay back. Back to the days of 2002 when we were both editorial interns for 944 magazine. Oh, the stories we could tell.

Today, we’re just two girls who still adore each other more than anything. She got a peek into my world yesterday. She came over with gifts (caffeine!) and we just loved on little Kelsey and Colton. It was just like the old days again. Only this time, with kids.


The Parenting Hat: Mellow Yellow Boy

Colton at 5 months old OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He’s so mellow. So calm. And so wonderful. Just shy of turning 6 months old, we think Colton is teething. Nothing white has broken the skin yet, but a low-grade fever, lots of drool … the symptoms are all there. I have to admit, thinking of him with teeth only reinforces the idea that time really does fly by fast. I kind of wish I could freeze time and keep these littles young for a while longer.