Preparing for a Super Easter

The Easter Bunny is prepping baskets for Easter already. Mostly because he’s crazy busy at work and now has three little baskets to fill. The other day he found these amazing books. Their perfect because our three-year old son needs to learn that bedtime shouldn’t be a 45-minute ordeal. And our six-year old daughter needs to feel empowered to take over the world! So, by the look of things, it appears our Bunny is leaning towards Super Hero baskets this year. Pow!

easter basket ideas

Happy Easter!

Easter Flowers

easter many hats of a mom

Easter Bundt Cake

Easter family

Easter eggs


Easter kids

Easter Sunday is so special to our faith, it’s the moment when Christianity really takes flight. We are getting more and more immersed in story of the resurrection around here. We are a faithful family – one who understands (and believes!) in the miraculous holiday that makes up Easter. He is risen. He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter to you and yours.

Easter Eggs for Days

We just finished dying our Easter eggs and now it’s off to nap before church tonight. Colton and Kelsey have no idea what the Easter Bunny has in store and I am so excited for it! Let’s just say we have been holding out on a certain popular Disney movie. I can’t wait to see her face!

Easter EggsEaster eggs with kidsAnd no, the blue egg isn’t cracked (Kelsey thought that too). I was trying to draw lines with white crayon. Apparently, I can’t.

The Seasonal Hat: Easter’s On It’s Way …

Egg hunts, floral dresses, big hats, church morning service, the Easter Bunny, baskets, toys, candy … oh my! I can’t wait for Easter. When I was little I made my Nana sing, “Here comes Peter Cottontail” over and over and over. This year, I get to sing that to my daughter. What a great time to celebrate and to teach Kelsey about the meaning behind Easter. Are you ready? Any fun plans? Any Easter traditions that you do with your family? I would love to hear about them as I start to create my family traditions with baby bug.

Wooden rainbow Easter Eggs from here.