Kindergarten Supplies + a Printable

school supplies

Eek!!! Kelsey starts school soon! We are getting ready around here. I just downloaded the school supply list, ordered her backpack + lunchbox and started getting super excited for this big milestone in her life.

Ryan thinks $100 is ridiculous to spend on a backpack, lunchbox and water bottle but if he had it his way she would bring a paper sack to school (“What?” he’d say, “It’s cheaper.”) Kelsey and I had fun shopping for her backpack. We looked at over 15 styles and in the end, she decided on this horse backpack, water bottle and matching lunchbox.

school supplies

I found the chalkboard first day of school printable on Etsy that I’m excited to use to snap a pic of Kelsey on her first day. I see parents doing that all the time and I think that’s such a wonderful keepsake to have – a photo of her on her first day and her last of kindergarten. I wonder if I’ll do this for all of my kids, or if this is just a first-time-mom thing. The print is here if you want it – only $7 for the digital download.

The Inspirational Hat: Quotes for Girls

I get it. I get it. BeyoncĂ© makes millions and wouldn’t waste 1 hour of her time dealing with IT support or paying her phone bill online, but I love this. I love this very much. You can pre-order this mug on this Etsy shop.

beyonce quote

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

etsy quotes


It’s French for ‘You and Me.” Cute Valentine’s Day gift, don’t you think? Enjoy your Monday. I’m at home with double pink eye and a cold. Kids! They are like little and cute virus carriers