From Designing Websites to Designer Dresses


One day you’re building websites for Starwood hotels and the next you are trying on wedding dresses. That’s how Dani and Allison’s day went yesterday. Together with a few of my co-workers, we visited a local bridal boutique to pull some looks for an upcoming wedding film we are doing for work.



Dani and Allison were both models for the day, they took one for the team and tried on dresses for us to choose from (I guess that’s the drawback to being a perfect sample size).


Dani was the lucky one and quickly found herself in a bridesmaid and a wedding dress. I don’t care how old you are, or how many years you have been married (or not), you always find yourself twirling around and acting like a princess while wearing a poufy dress. No seriously, Dani actually swirled around and said, “Hold on. (insert twirl) I’m having a bridal moment.”

I just love how girls will be girls, no matter what age.

Sightseeing in the Big Apple

apple store

new york city

window shopping

new york city window shopping
In a New York Minute

I had 3 hours in between meetings to explore New York City. So, I did what any girl would do with limited time … I shopped 5th Avenue! I started at 55th and 5th and made my way up to Tiffany & Co., Apple, FAO and then over to Central Park, The Plaza Hotel, down to Bergdorf Goodman, then over to Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center. Then, I crossed the street to Saks Fifth Avenue before making my way to Louis Vuitton, Versace, and then back to The St. Regis New York.

Let’s just say I loved every single minute.

horse carriage rides in central park, NYC
central park
Horses, Central Park and a lot of Tourists

I’m not going to lie to you, there was a part of me that was willing to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through Central Park alone. But then I thought about it a bit harder and decided against it. What? It looked so inviting and intriguing. And then there was this person dressed as the Statue of Liberty, standing on phone books and this moment happened. God Bless them.

new york tourists

In and around Rockefeller Plaza

There is something so nostalgic about Rockefeller Plaza, even though I’ve never been here before. Ha! I think it’s because every year I invite this Plaza into my home with the Christmas Tree Lighting and holiday specials on television.

I went to the Top of the Rock to take some pictures, but there was an entire school (literally, 75 students) in line waiting their turn so I figured it would be a while before I got up there. The next morning, as I was blowdrying my hair and watching Jennifer Hudson perform on the Today Show, I thought … I could totally run down there right now and see her. I love being close to the action and New York City puts you right into the heart of it.

radio city music hall new york city

rockefeller center

rockefeller center
The Shops (and hotels) along 5th Avenue

My boss would be so proud. I hit up every luxury retailer and stopped at some of the most influential hotels in the business. I don’t know what it is about The Plaza Hotel but I love this place (hello, Home Alone 2!). It reminds me of Christmas. The Plaza is much smaller inside than I thought it would be, but super charming all the same.

As a Retail major, I have a soft spot in my heart for good visual merchandising and retail displays. I stopped at every window and just admired the creativity in the windows. The stories people are able to tell through artistic expression and merchandising is amazing. But, let’s talk about the fact that there was a line wrapped around the building of Abercrombie & Fitch. A line! At Abercrombie? Not sure I understand that one.

the plaza hotel

bergdorf goodman

new york city window shopping

window shopping  in nYC

window shopping | NEW YORK CITY

window shopping | NEW YORK CITY

window shopping new york city

michael kors in new york city

the st regis new york hotel

Where it all Began

I ended my self-walking tour at St. Regis New York, where it all started. This was the very first St. Regis hotel built in 1904 and since it just went through a multi-million dollar restoration and redesign, I was so anxious to experience it first-hand. I am still pinching myself for the opportunity to have stayed here. Let’s just say there is an entire blog post dedicated to my pictures of this beautiful hotel. Here’s a little sneak peek.

st regis new york

And then … (you still with me?)

Looking back this, I had no idea that I took this many photos. I am such a casual photographer. Meaning, I literally snap a photo of something I see without taking too much time to set the shot. I like to capture exactly what I saw, and how I saw it versus taking time to do staging. Here are some photos from my morning commute from The St. Regis New York to The Chatwal hotel (near Times Square). I was on my way to a day full of inspiring meetings around St. Regis and Luxury Collection 2015 brand planning.

new york buildings

new york buildings

new york city broadway

new york city subway

new york times square
What I Learned

I had no idea how much inspiration and freedom I would feel while walking through the city. I was overwhelmed (in a good way) with all of the sights, sounds and people. When I first stepped out of the cab, I felt like a suburbia dork with my camera in tow, but I quickly adapted once I realized that anything goes here. You just have to stay strong, find your place and dive in head first.

I already miss it and I only got to see a small fraction of the entire place. There is so much more I want to do. Times Square, Meat Packing District, The Brooklyn Bridge, breakfast at Le Meridien Parker, shopping in SoHo, Upper West Side exploring, a Broadway Play. Next time I’m bringing Ryan because there is a sandwich at Carnegie Deli and a patch of grass at Central Park with our names on it.

Until we meet again, New York …

View my photo tour of The St. Regis New York

Pillow Talk with One Kings Lane

These prices won’t last long, in fact it’s a sample sale site so in a few day this link might not even work. So … shop while you can! I love these pillows from One Kings Lane. Wouldn’t they make a great addition to your nursery or toddler’s room? Or heck, even on your bed. The sale ends in 37 days and 19 hours, to be exact. One Kings Lane Pillow Sale >

one kings lane pillow sale
One kings lane | Pillow Sale

The Little Market by Lauren Conrad

I admit it. I follow Lauren Conrad’s blog. I actually find myself relating to a lot of what she talks about. I’m totally late to the party but I just learned about her initiative called, The Little Market. Together with her best friend, Hannah, Lauren travels the world  building sustainable partnerships with local woman artisans in developing countries.

The goal is to source lovely handcrafted products made by artisans groups that employ women. In turn, this helps to empower deserving women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. Meanwhile, it exposes people like you and me to beautifully handcrafted products that have a story to tell.

I love the cause, I love the idea of The Little Market and I love the featured products in their shop. There are so many great products online, but I’m partial to these coffee mugs made in Tunisia by Le Souk Ceramique. I just can’t decide – two or four? All one color or a mix? Decisions. Decisions.

The Little Market Coffee Mugs The Little Market Coffee Mugs and Cups The Little Market - Lauren Conrad

Teri, you and Danny could start a business with all you have seen!

Images via The Little Market.

How do you have time to blog?

I get that a lot. And truly, I just want to say … that I love this blog because it provides me with an escape. An escape from the overwhelming pressure to succeed at work and from the negativity of the world.

I get to retreat to my little corner of the internet and post silly stories and photos of my kids and family. Maybe every once in a while I’ll make you laugh. Or cry. Or think ‘whoah that girl has a crazy life’. But all in all … I find time to do it because it’s fun.

I’m curious … why do you blog? Business? Pleasure? And how do you find time to do it? By the way, I want this bloggers’ hair. That is all.

fashion blogger


Kendra Scott Party in Scottsdale

My co-worker Dayna and I were invited to a charity event at the Kendra Scott jewelry store in Scottsdale. My awesome husband watched the kids so I could leave right after work and indulge in some girl time.

We enjoyed happy hour at Stingray, then snuck in a quick trip to Sephora for the best lipstick ever (seriously the best – more on that later) and then visited the Kendra Scott store for a little shopping and cocktails. Kendra was even there to greet everyone! Here’s a little peek into our night.

Thanks to Jan at J. Lauren PR for the invite!

 Kendra Scott 11


Kendra Scott 7

Kendra Scott 10

Kendra scott scottsdale

 Kendra Scott 8

Kendra Scott 5

Kendra Scott 3

kendra scott jewelry

Photography by Lori Krenzen

My First Trunk Show – Stella & Dot

I’m hosting my first online Trunk Show with Stella & Dot and I have pulled together some of my favorite items for you. Which apparently happen to be some popular celebrities’ favorite items as well. Guess we have great taste. So many great accessories … knock yourself out!

Shop online now through December 31 and for every $50 you spend, you’ll receive $25 to use toward a future purchase in January.


LOVE this necklace. It’s so dainty.
On the Mark Necklace – Gold, $54


My favorite part about this necklace is how long it is. Perfect!
Tiffani Thiessen in the Rebel Pendant Necklace, $79

Instyle-stelladotThe Zora Crystal Necklace in December 2013 issue of InStyle, $168

katy-perry-stelladotVery popular choice! Also, it’s stretchable which makes it very comfortable.
Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Gold or Silver $59
.Nina-Dobrev-tempest-stelladotI love wearing necklaces like this with simple tee shirts. Makes a statement.
Nina Dobrev in the Tempest Necklace, $198


Hilary Duff in the Eden Bangle, $39

OK Magazine Stella DotThe Soar Necklace ($59) and Signature Initial Charm ($26)
April 2013 issue of OK! Magazine

My online Trunk Show will be set up through December. Start shopping!

Images: Stella and Dot

Holiday Family Photos – Finding Fashion

It’s holiday family photo time! Trying to coordinate four outfits (including two little people) is so difficult!!!! I spent 4 hours shopping around town looking for just the right outfits. Then (in true man fashion) my husband wakes up on Saturday morning (picture day) and decides to care about his shirt. “Um … I’m not sure my shirt matches,” he said. Really? Where have you been for the last 8 days when I was stressing out over this.

So, naturally I was making a last-minute trip to Banana Republic and found this red/ blue shirt (which I love so much, so I’m glad he chimed in). After looking at his shirt, I realized no one else was wearing red. This could be an issue, I thought. (If you know me, you know I stress about little details that probably don’t matter to anyone else).

So, I randomly grabbed a shawl from my closet and draped it on me. We are renovating our house, so I don’t a full length mirror. Instead, I turned to my husband and asked, “Does this match?” To which I got a half interested nod. We were good to go.

Then, on our way to the photo shoot my husband (again, so timely with his feedback) says, “Did you know we don’t have shoes for Colton.” Right! Shoes. Duh. I totally forgot about that, so we made a U-turn and popped into Marshall’s where we found Tommy Hilfiger loafers. Oh, how I loooove little boy shoes (more on that later).

We finally made it. Phew. And thankfully we worked with one of the best photographers in the Valley and shot at a location that had such amazing architecture. Here’s a peek into some of my most favorite shots.

Oh, and by the way, I wanted SO BADLY to put our chocolate lab in the photo. But I learned my lesson last year: Getting your children to sit still is hard enough, throw a dog in there? You might as well forget about it. At least until the kids are grown. Or until next year. Oooo … that gives me a great idea for next year. Okay. I’ll stop now.

Family Holiday Photos

Family Holiday Photos

Family Holiday PhotosFamily Holiday PhotosYou’ve got to click on this one to enlarge it. It’s one of my favorites!!! They are holding hands. My heart just melted when I saw this.

Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos Family Holiday Photos

Don’t you all just love holiday season? The decorations ,the candles, the music, the sweaters! I just love it all. PS – Mom, Pam, Rob I’m getting the jpegs over to you for printing soon. xo