My first spin class at Flywheel Sports Scottsdale

flywheel sports - scottsdale spin classes

Flywheel Scottsdale Spin Classes

I took my first spin class! Where have I been hiding out? These classes are incredible. My friend Liz and I decided to forgo happy hour for a “FlyBeats” class at Flywheel Sports in Scottsdale. Let’s just say our instructor, Erin Campbell rocked our world!

I had no idea what to expect. I workout at Orange Theory regularly so I was pretty sure I could make it through the class, but I had no idea how challenging these 45-minute spin classes were going to be. The workout room is “stadium style” to ensure no riders are directly on top of each other. The room is dark, the music is loud, the atmosphere feels like a rock concert which makes the 45 minutes fly by. No pun intended.

Don’t worry about buying shoes that clip in, they provide those for you. And lockers, towels and fresh fruit to follow your workout. You can also reserve your bike in advance online. I’m super controlling, so I love that. Every instructor is different but I was so pleased with Erin. She had great energy and amazing music (I went home and downloaded some of her playlist).

flywheel sports - scottsdale spin classes

That’s Erin on the right. Jeremiah is in the middle and he is amazing – from my first visit I could tell that the staff here really cares about you and wants you to succeed in your workouts.

Flywheel Sports Scottsdale

flywheel sports - scottsdale spin classes

Flywheel Scottsdale Spin Classes

flywheel sports - scottsdale spin classes

I’m going to spare you the after photo of Liz and I. Let’s just say I didn’t think sweating that much was possible. According to their website, I rode 21 miles in 45 minutes. WHAT! That is incredible. Huge thanks to Flywheel Sports for having us and for giving me such a positive outlook on Spin classes. I’ll be back for more! If you are a first timer at Flywheel, your first ride is only $15. Check it out, I highly recommend it.

The Working Mom Hat: Just Run Away

Today started out productive and then one nasty email after another came flooding into my inbox. It was be-totally-rude-and-mean-to-others day and I didn’t get the memo. I worked from home today and didn’t get up from my desk but 30 minutes to eat lunch. One of those days.

About 4:10pm I got another email. It was from a client. It ended with “Sorry for venting but …” To which I wanted to scream, “Pick up the phone, don’t email this! Why are you complaining. We’re not saving lives! I’m a human being not a customer complaining inbox!” You’ve been there.

Since I don’t want to get fired, I didn’t do that. Instead, I closed my computer and decided to run away from it all. I grabbed my running shoes and booked it to the gym. I grabbed my iPod, plugged in and tuned out. I ran. And ran. And ran. And let me say this, I am not a runner. Not in the least! I’m not good at it at all. Ask me how fast I run a mile? Go on. Like, 15 minutes.

But today … today, running felt good. I just ran away from all of my stress. Then, came home, picked up the kids, scrambled to make dinner, got yelled at by a 3-year-old and screamed at by a 1-year-old. But, it didn’t matter. I had run it all off. For whatever reason, my kids’ screaming didn’t bother me, as much. I just sipped on my wine and smiled.

In fact, as I write this, my husband is  upstairs giving my son a bath and he (my son) is screaming at the top of his lungs. I can tell that scream. It’s the scream he does when you pull him out of the bath and try to dry him off and put on his diaper. You would think we torture the child. But, nope – we’re only trying to keep him clean so daycare doesn’t label him The Dirty One.

I better go help my husband out, but thought I would share with you my thoughts. Next time you’re stressed to the core … run, run, away. It really does help.

rise and runrunning quotevia

My Fit Foods – Here we go!

My brothers rave about My Fit Foods. They live in Austin and swear it helps you maintain healthy eating habits. So, Ryan and I popped into our nearest store and checked it out. We drank the Kool-Aid and now we are hooked. We aren’t going to do their 21 day challenge (hello … $600 – $700) but instead we are buying their lunches and dinners for 21 days and making our breakfast and snacks at home.

So far, so great! I’ve lost 2lbs in 4 days and we both feel so much lighter. 90% of their products are gluten-free and all of it is healthy and fresh (never frozen). I sound like I work for them or something … I’m just really happy that it’s working and we’re feeling better.

Right now we’re using it like a grocery store – picking out our foods every three days and bringing it home. I’m eating the ‘small’ portions and Ryan is eating the ‘medium’. You heat up the food for about 1 to 2 minutes and it’s already seasoned and spiced up for you – and it is truly is delicious. The best part? It’s been a huge time saver in the kitchen.

Ryan and I are done with our self-made ‘challenge’ on January 16 (his birthday). I’ll send you  more honest feedback along the way and yes – two days into this challenge I was starving! But, I’m doing better now.

My Fit Foods - restaurant

my fit foods -snackMy fit foods - roasted veggies

My fit foods - lunchesMy fit foods - tacos My Fit Food images sourced via Pinterest.