Teri’s Autumn Holiday Party

holiday party 9

Almost every year, Teri hosts fall party to kick off the holiday season (check out this one from 2011). She’s much better than me, because she actually waits until after Thanksgiving to dial up the Christmas decorations – so truly, this is an autumn party.

Ryan was home with a terrible cold (thanks, Colton & Kelsey) so I went solo. Teri is such a fantastic hostess – and I just loved catching up with dear friends (hi, Rachel) that I don’t get to see as often as I like. She had just the right amount of light, food everywhere, a local guitarist, bar station and all the fixings to make it feel like the holiday season has arrived.

Thank you so much for hosting, Teri! I just love your darling home!

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holiday party 5

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holiday party

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How cute is her house? I’m coming over one day and taking pictures of all the cute designs, little corners and personal touches that make her little bungalow in downtown Phoenix so perfect!

Dayna’s (work) Baby Shower + Baby Bump

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

My co-worker, Dayna, is due in two weeks (two weeks!) so we celebrated on Friday afternoon with brunch at Zinc Bistro. All of the girls got together to celebrate Dayna’s new bundle of joy. This is Dayna & Mike’s first baby and you can tell how excited they are just by talking to her – the nursery is decorated, the car seat is in and now everyone is on baby watch eagerly awaiting his arrival.

Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

zinc bistro baby shower scottsdale

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

When Andrea is around (center, red dress) there is no reason you would order dessert off the menu – she brings it! She bakes the most delicious treats and this day was no exception. She baked a Bundt Cake with cream cheese frosting topped with fresh fruit. If you live in Arizona and want custom cakes for your parties, let me know. Her cakes are really something else.

Baby Shower Bundt Cake

Dayna looks amazing (can you believe she looks this good at 38 weeks? I was a house) and couldn’t be happier that her little one will debut into the world soon. We couldn’t have asked for better Arizona weather for an afternoon spent with good friends, good food and lots of baby talk. Dayna, next time we see you, you’ll be a mom! We are so happy for you!!!

Baby Shower | Zinc Bistro Scottsdale

How Weekends Should Always Start

I’m pretty sure that every weekend should kick off with a summer pool party with your best pal. Teri is finally back in the United States and I couldn’t be more excited! I think we freaked everyone out at the restaurant when we screamed like … well, girls … when we reunited for the first time in 2014! Naturally, our 3 hour lunch date ended with drinks at my house, poolside. The perfect summer Friday if you ask me.

summer summer summer summer

Girlfriends at every age

Even when you’re four, you realize the value of good girlfriends. These girls have known each other all of their lives and it’s so much fun watching them grow up. I love how close they all are and I hope they remain friends forever. Or at least up until high school so I can bring out these photos and they can reminisce with me. Have a wonderful weekend.

mom blog mom blog

Best friends traveling without limits

Every so often you come across people in your lives who do things that inspire you. I know it’s not easy, and I know how much preparation they had to do to make this happen, but Teri and Danny are officially going into month five of a six month journey through Southeast Asia.

They didn’t wake up one day and say: Let’s travel the world together, but they did start with the desire to do something they always dreamed of. To not let work, life commitments, finances, fear … stuff, get in the way of doing something life changing.

I’ve been following Teri’s blog. She has been doing an amazing job keeping us all posted on all of the great things they are doing, seeing and experiencing. I had no idea how the people of India, Cambodia and Laos lived. I feel like I know so much more about their culture now.

Her glimpse into their journey has been eye-opening for me and so much fun to follow along with. These two crazy love birds left on New Year’s Eve and have since traveled through Thailand, Laos, India, Cambodia & Vietnam … and they aren’t done yet.

Teri takes photos (and videos – which I love) and really makes you feel like you’re along for the ride. Last night I was thinking of these two as I was putting the kids to sleep. I miss having these guys around. Ryan actually said, I hope they come back soon: I feel like hanging out with them keeps us young. Ha. More like keeps us interesting, you can say it.

I’m having a huge dinner party for four when these two get back so I can catch the latest first hand, but in the meantime, you can follow along too on Teri’s blog. Here’s a glimpse of their journey here and all the latest is on thetaleoftwotings.com. I hope you find inspiration in her travels and learn a little something about Asia (and different ways of life) along the way.

teri4Pics stolen from T’s blog. Totally not in order.

Pretty day at The Farm at South Mountain

Teri took me to a great lunch at The Farm at South Mountain. We ate our food picnic style – 500 calorie Apple Juice for her, Iced Tea for me – and sat outdoors in the beautiful Arizona sun.

She gifted me two generous gifts that made me squeal – literally. So much so that a woman stopped by our table and said, “If you don’t want that gift, I’ll take it.” A little Latisse and a new shawl. Love it! I really do treasure any afternoon that I get to spend gabbing and lunching with this Ting of mine.

the farm at south mountain the farm at south mountainthe farm at south mountain the farm at south mountain the farm at south mountainOthe farm at south mountain the farm at south mountainthe farm at south mountainthe farm at south mountainSo much to see and do. I’ll be back with my family. There is this open grass area with tons of picnic tables. It’s also the place where ABC’s Bachelor Ben Flanjnik and Courtney Robertson had a hometown date. Yes, this ran through my mind the entire time.

The Friendship Hat: Holiday Hike

This morning Jen called and asked, “Why don’t we take the kiddos hiking?” So, unshowered (sometimes that’s the best) and sleepy-eyed, we took the kids for an impromptu hike. The mountain was beautiful and the kids loved seeing each other. The sun was bright as could be, which is why we love our “winters” over here. Thank you for inviting us Barkers – I needed the extra cardio after the weekend we had!

The Working Hat: A Day of Bliss

Our Marketing team spent the afternoon team building with manicures, pedicures, hand massages, brownies, brownies and brownies. It was a perfect way to relax and interact. Plus, we’re supporting our favorite salon, Bliss Spa. If you’ve stayed at a W Hotel then you know how amazing Bliss products are.

Here we are … perfectly polished after a great work outing.

Ah, the unlimited brownie buffet. Did anyone even notice the veggies in the back? Nope. The desserts were a great touch and available at every turn inside the Bliss Spa. Thanks, boss, for a great day!