Sister, Sister!

My sister-in-law, Sabrina and my brother, Shaun are in town this weekend. We’ll be spending the afternoon at their resort pool, a much needed staycation for us since we still don’t have our backyard built. Have you ever been to the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass pool during the summer? They have so many family-friendly activities, I’ll let you know how it is.

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Last night we had a great dinner at my parents house. I really need to get my mom stemless wine glasses because whenever we have a drink, she uses her wedding china. Not that I’m complaining because it’s beautiful but with my three kids running around it makes me incredibly nervous.

phoenix mom blogger - many hats of a mom blog

Sabrina and I managed to snap a photo amongst the chaos last night. Oh, and I cut my hair 8 inches! 8. inches. Change is a good thing, don’t ya think.

phoenix mom blogger - many hats of a mom blog

Do you see Kelsey’s choker? Her friend at school bought her that and she wears it all of the time. How cute is that? She’s turning into such a big kid. And look how tall Colton is! He’s four, people. I bet he passes Kelsey is height by the time he’s five.

Oh, Make me over!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Beauty Counter giveaway (previous post). I got so many great entries and comments on what your favorite beauty products are. I wanted to share some them here so others could see. Now I know what I’m buying the next time I go to Sephora. Thanks to our sponsor Natasha at Beauty Counter for hosting a great giveaway and congratulations to Mahdi for being the lucky winner!


Batist Divine Dark Dry shampoo
Beauty Counter Charcoal Mask
Beauty Counter Rejuvenating Night Cream
Beauty Counter Balancing Face Oil
Becca First Light Priming Filter
Benefit Erase Paste
Better than Sex Mascara
Black Tie Market Lip Balm
Butter London Sheer Wisdom Lush Lip Oil
Clarisonic Mia
Dr. Bronners Soap
Makeup Forever Lipsticks
EOS Lip Balm
Eyebrow Powder
Eyelash Curler
MAC Lipsticks
Marc Jacobs Color Correcting Stick
NARS Bronzing Powder
Pixi Glowtonic
Rosewater Mist
St. Tropez Sunless Tanner
Stila Liquid Foundation
Tarte Shape Tape
Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette

Also, while we are on the topic of beauty, I went to visit one of my clients, Cake Skincare, in Seattle recently for their second salon grand opening. They are a skin care company that knows so much about choosing the right products for your skin. If you live in the Seattle area, stop in for a consultation or visit their online shop where you’ll find amazing products that have pure ingredients, are sustainably sourced, and provide effective results.

Here are some photos from my recent visit!

cake skincare Seattle - phoenix blogger
Cake Skincare

cake skincare Seattle - phoenix blogger

cake skincare Seattle - phoenix blogger

cake skincare Seattle - phoenix blogger
cake skincare Seattle - phoenix blogger

cake skincare Seattle blogger


Nothing but LOVE around here

We took the kids over to the Scottsdale Civic Center to explore. I was looking for new family photo locations and the kids needed to get out of the house (you have weekends like that, right?). We explored the park, tried to pet the ducks (that’s all Colton) and played around on the LOVE sign. Everything about nights like these remind me to stop and thank God for the blessings in my life.

I have a feeling it’s going to be a wonderful holiday season. xo

scottsdale family photographer

scottsdale family photographer

scottsdale family photographer

scottsdale family photographer

scottsdale family photographer
I bought Ryan this shirt for Halloween and apparently it made a second appearance tonight. Ha!

scottsdale family photographer

Good thing this isn’t a video or you would have heard me yell, “Stop attacking your little brother!” These two are starting to wrestle all the time, something this mom is not ready for.

School’s Out for Summer!

It’s official. Kelsey is on her way to first grade and I’m left wondering where the time goes. We were holding hands today and I kept thinking back to the first time I put her little fingers in the palm of my hand. Back to the first time I touched her cheek. The first time I combed her hair. And now look at her!

And Colton … wasn’t he just born? Now he’s less than a head shorter than Kelsey and has more personality than all three of my kids combined. His smile lights up the room, and my heart. Then there’s our little nugget, Nolan. Seven teeth and counting and only eight months young. I was rocking him to sleep tonight and I told him to stay small for just a short while longer. I’m really not ready to let these kids grow up. Mostly because it feels like with each passing year they get more and more independent from me. And while I know that’s life, and that’s what they are supposed to do, a HUGE part of my heart wants to keep them in my arms forever.

Well, we’ve been doing so much in the first few days of summer. I took Friday off of work to take Kelsey and her best friend, Colin to an indoor amusement park. We did bumper cars, mini bowling and arcade games. And then I went into the laser tag arena and came out with a migraine. Seriously. The lights! And then Saturday we took the kids to Encanto Park. I’ve been living in Phoenix forever and never knew this park existed. We were there to take family photos of one of my friends’ kids – and decided to hang out until sundown at the amusement park, Enchanted Island (located inside the park).

I’d say the first few days of summer have been good to us. Here’s to another season of more memories with these three.

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Lazy weekend mornings with my boys, and Nolan’s thighs.


Almost as delicious as Nolan’s legs are these In-n-Out burgers.

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Kelsey and her buddy, Colin. I think he’s trying to eat her face. You know … kids.

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Who do you think is the dominate one in the relationship?

phoenix mom blogger

Bumper cars with my little lady.

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At the park, Kelsey had met Scarlet just five minutes prior and yet they were inseparable. Can we just take a moment to talk about their hair for a second. I mean … is this real life?

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

The two cuties on the left are twins. And who doesn’t love Colton’s little Alfalfa hairstyle in this picture. See it?

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Summer nights are the best. And yes, I realize it’s not officially summer but we’re in Phoenix and we’re hitting triple digits already, so to us … it’s summah.

The Spring Carnival

We try to go to our local carnival every year (here is 2012 and 2014). It’s pretty much the fastest way to spend $60, but it’s truly a lot of fun. This was our first year going as a family of five. It’s a pretty surreal feeling when I look back at those two blog posts and see how young everyone was (including us!).

Tonight was pretty awesome though. Besides the fact that Ryan took F O R E V E R in the ticket line trying to decide if a $30 (each) unlimited ride pass was a better value than the 40 tickets for $20. He kept looking at his phone to see “how much time we have left in the day to finish these rides.” Oh, Ryan. I can’t take this CPA anywhere.

In fact, today was monumental. Not only did we make it through the carnival with all of the kids in tact, but (are you ready for this?) we made it through with ZERO tantrums! That’s right. Not a single one. I’m speaking to you, Colton! Our spunky three-year-old was the product of perfection tonight. Ahhh … what a feeling!

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Here are some more pictures of our fun Sunday at a spring carnival.

mom blogger phoenix events 2

mom blogger phoenix events

mom blogger phoenix

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many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog
many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog
many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog
many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog


Our Gingerbread House

gingerbread house many hats mom blog
One of my favorite things to try to do is build a gingerbread house. I always see them at the store and think … I can do that! The problem is, I have zero patience and skills for this. So Ryan does it instead.

This morning, the kids (and the patient parent) built a cool, edible house. It even had a chimney! Pretty good if you ask me. I watched Nolan and kept overhearing “That’s enough icing. Hurry and spread it before the icing hardens. Don’t eat that. That’s enough. If you keep eating that, then we won’t have enough decorations for the windows.” Oh, Ryan.

Anyone else on a sugar detox after the holidays? Us too. After we devour the house, of course.

gingerbread house many hats mom blogger

gingerbread house many hats mom blogger

gingerbread house many hats mom blogger

gingerbread house many hats mom blogger

gingerbread house many hats mom blogger

Hanna Andersson Scottsdale Store Opening

The Hanna Andersson store is now open at Kierland Commons! We were fortunate enough to be invited to their pre-opening event last night. I wasn’t familiar with Hanna Andersson kid clothes prior to this event (just their pajamas) but apparently I’m the only mom who was in the dark because this private event was packed!. People go ga-ga over this clothing line … and now I can see why.

The quality of their clothing is top notch. The cotton is super soft (and thick too, if that makes sense). Very high quality clothes for kids. If you’re a local, visit the Hanna Andersson store at Kierland Commons on Friday – Sunday (11/6 – 11/8)  for exclusive offers. You’ll receive 30% off regular prices, except the sleepwear. But that’s only because all sleepwear is buy one, get one free!

We ended up buying 6 pairs of pajamas and a bunch of other things that we didn’t need (thank you, Kelsey) like earmuffs (Hellooooo … we live in Arizona!) and a gold kitty cat purse.

Here are a few pictures from our night.

Hanna Anderson scottsdale store

Kelsey and her cousin, Lexi, in Hanna Anderson dresses and boots (boots on Lexi) awaiting the opening of the new store.

DSC01038 b

hanna andersson - arizona mom blogger

hanna andersson scottsdale store opening

And that’s the crowd!

hanna andersson scottsdale store

hanna andersson scottsdale store opening

hanna andersson scottsdale store opening

DSC01103 small

I loved this! Use hashtag #ilovemyhannas for a chance to – not only be featured in their social media channels – but printed, hanging up in one of their store window displays!

hanna andersson

Hanna Andersson
A few of my girlfriends also attended the event. Here is Heather with her adorable daughter, Ava. Heather and I were trying to catch up but ended up chasing two little girls around the store instead.

hanna andersson

scottsdale mom blogger
This is her, “But, mom, I reeeeally need these earmuffs and this Jellycat stuffed animal” face. It worked. Dang it.

hanna andersson

hanna andersson promotion

Yes, please! Any excuse to wear Christmas pajamas in November and I am in. Maybe a little holiday music to set the mood? Too early?

hanna andersson scottsdale store opening

Thank you for the invitation, Hanna Andersson and for sponsoring this post. We wish you the best of luck and tons of store success in Scottsdale!

Magformers Discount + a Giveaway!

Magformers Giveaway

Now that Kelsey is in kindergarten, Ryan and I have gotten more snooty when it comes to her education. We want to make sure she’s getting the best education that she can – and with that comes the responsibility to make learning fun.

Kelsey loves playing with toys that allow her to build, construct and make things happen. Add that to the fact that my husband is pro “we need more women engineers in this world” and I introduce to you Magformers.

To me, Magformers is like a blend between building blocks, magnets and Legos, and they are designed to help kids with brain development. What a cool concept! Apparently, parents already know about these toys and I’m the last to the party because when I talked to some mom friends of mine they said, “My kids love those things!”

With that affirmation, Kelsey and I just had to try them out.

Magforners Kids Smart Toy small

Magformers Engineer Kids Toys

We were given the Magformers 100 piece Inspire set (with LED lights) for review. My daughter is a bit picky so I was hesitant at first, but this set is available in pretty pastel colors – colors that attract girls to them. You know, attracts, like magnets. Bad pun?

In all seriousness, I picked up Kelsey from school the other day and I had this box of Magformers waiting for her in the car. She immediately picked up the box, pointed to the front cover and shouted, “Wow! Mom, this looks like Elsa’s castle!”

When we started digging in, we realized 100 pieces is just the right amount. Some for Kelsey to play with and some to set aside for her two-year old brother to keep busy while she builds.

Magformers Kids Toys - Girls Inspire Set 100 piece

Magformers Engineer Kids Toys for Girls

This particular set comes with two LED lights too so you can attach them to what you build and watch your construction light up (trust me, this is a really cool kid feature). The package comes with a easy-to-read idea booklet with cool things to build – from castles, to a hot air balloon, to Cinderella’s slipper! That one is my favorite.

Don’t worry if you have boys though – Magformers come in a rainbow-colored set that I’m sure has different building options inside that are more gender neutral. In fact, we’re giving away one of these rainbow sets to a lucky reader. More on that as you scroll down.

Magformers Kids Toys

Kids Toys
She was building the hot air balloon. Super cool because you attach the LED light to the “basket” at the bottom and watch it rotate between red, blue, green, purple and white colors. I think the light is the best part. She is so serious when she is thinking hard.

Magformers Kids Toys we love

They tell me this toy is good for ages 6 and up, but my daughter is 5 and loved it! When she started playing with Magformers she immediately said, “Mom. I’m going to do this every day.” I giggled. If only … Below are some perks just for following along. Please enjoy this promotion code when you shop on the Magformers website and a little product giveaway, all courtesy of Magformers.

20% discount, just for you!

I would 100% recommend this toy for others. In fact, I’m super pleased to share that Magformers is giving you 20% off whichever set you like! You just have to purchase by 9/3 and use BLOG20 discount code at checkout. Here’s a link to shop on their website. Discount code expires 9/3/15 and is only valid on the website.

Giveaway! Enter to win a 62 piece Rainbow Set ($99 value)


Magformers Rainbow Set

This is what the 62 piece rainbow set looks like and retails for $99. Simply follow the instructions below and you’ll be entered to win the Rainbow Magformers. Enter with your email address or Facebook log in (this is only required so I can contact you if you win). Get bonus entry points for commenting on this blog post!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Update 9/1: Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner, who was chosen randomly in partnership with Rafflecopter is TABITHA!! A huge shout out to Magformers for sponsoring this post and product giveaway.