The Happiest of Hours

many hats of a mom phoenix blogger

many hats of a mom phoenix blogger

many hats of a mom phoenix blogger

Friday night I called my best friend for an emergency happy hour. I had a lot on my mind and needed some time away from it all. Postinos and conversation with Angie proved to be just what I needed. A great way to kick off the weekend and recharge with the one who knows me best. She’s been my best friend since we were in 10th grade and totally gets it. I hope you have friends like that. They truly make the world go round. And this amazing Arizona weather was the perfect complement.

The Normal Diner in Tempe

Girlfriends are like fine wine, they really do get better with age. Also, like wine, you can indulge with them morning, noon or night! This morning, Teri and I went to breakfast at The Normal breakfast inTempe. She found this place on Instagram (of all places) and we loved it. The decor was super cool and the vibe was great. We didn’t really eat much, instead we opted for mimosas, so I can’t really tell you how the food was, but The Normal is a super cute diner – check it out here.

the normal breakfast in tempe

the normal breakfast in tempe

the normal breakfast in tempe

the normal breakfast in tempe

the normal breakfast in tempe

the normal breakfast in tempe

Wine, Babies & Lunch

many hats of a mom

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My husband told me that I needed to get out of the house. I was going a little stir crazy being on lock down with Nolan. So, naturally, I called one of my best friends and she immediately agreed to a lunch date. Lunch means wine and lots of conversation in our book. So, that’s exactly what we did. For three hours, to be exact.

Teri is one of my dearest friends and one of those girls who will come over, rock your baby, play with your kids and bring a bottle of wine. What in the world would I do without friends like this in my life. Feeling pretty grateful today for her and for three hours of uninterrupted girl and wine time.

We went to Z Tejas and guess what our waiter’s name was? NOLAN! I am serious. I may have pulled him aside and said, “Nolan!!! I love your name? Do you love your name? Do you? Do you?” I was a bit of a creep like that. He was actually named after the baseball player, Nolan Ryan. Ahem, that’s my son’s name!

Ahhh … today was a great day.

Lunch Break at Chop Shop

Chop Shop Scottsdale Restaurant
Chop Shop
Chop Shop Drinks 2
Chop Shop Scottsdale Restaurant

On our lunch breaks, Teri and I played catch up over lunch at Chop Shop in Scottsdale. If you can hold out eating lunch until after 1pm, you’ll save yourself a few minutes in line. This place was packed! Mostly because it’s summer in Arizona, which means no one with sanity sits on a restaurant patio. See all of those empty seats behind us? Yep. It’s 115° so you’ll catch us Phoenicians indoors until November.

I know what Teri will say when she sees this blog post. “Wait, Steph … weren’t we just there.” Yes, we were just there. But I get off work around 1pm every Friday during the summer (it’s the best job perk I have!) which means I get to come home, relax, blog a little bit and then hit the gym before I have to pick up my kids from school. If you ask me, this is the best way to kick off the weekend.

PS – Two thumps up for the Chop House. The BBQ chicken salad and the Power Green pressed juice were great.

Kendra Scott Party in Scottsdale

My co-worker Dayna and I were invited to a charity event at the Kendra Scott jewelry store in Scottsdale. My awesome husband watched the kids so I could leave right after work and indulge in some girl time.

We enjoyed happy hour at Stingray, then snuck in a quick trip to Sephora for the best lipstick ever (seriously the best – more on that later) and then visited the Kendra Scott store for a little shopping and cocktails. Kendra was even there to greet everyone! Here’s a little peek into our night.

Thanks to Jan at J. Lauren PR for the invite!

 Kendra Scott 11


Kendra Scott 7

Kendra Scott 10

Kendra scott scottsdale

 Kendra Scott 8

Kendra Scott 5

Kendra Scott 3

kendra scott jewelry

Photography by Lori Krenzen

The Friendship Hat: Sip and See

The Tings came over yesterday for a sip and see. They brought the bubbly (Mimosas for girls, beer for boys) so we all could sip and see baby Colton.

I spent most of the time trying to convince Teri to join the mommy club, but so far, she only has eyes for Colton. She’s a natural at being a parent though. Danny was too! Except us girls had to keep telling him that holding Colton tight, curled up in a ball with his face shoved into your sweater might not be the most comfortable position for baby.

Here are some of the photos from our New Year’s Eve afternoon. Check out more photos on Teri’s blog.

We love you, Tings. Cheers to great friends and  to”New Orleans!”.


Colton5 Colton4 Colton3


The Girlfriend Hat: Friendship Rocks

I had a fabulous lunch with an amazing friend today. Sometimes a mid-afternoon conversation break is just what the doctor ordered. We didn’t take photos – and frankly I wish I had a personal photographer on stand by so I could show you how ridiculously amazing Teri is. Here she is in her family holiday photo, complete with a handsome husband and a perfectly dressed pooch. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Teri. I appreciate your friendship more than you know. xo

Read her blog here.

The Friendship Hat: I’ll Never Forget

I have a story about friendship that I’ll never forget. A story that I will always tell friends of mine because it is a story that proves what love, friendship, humility and sisterhood is all about. This image brings me back to that place – which I revisit with such gratitude often – and if you haven’t heard, I wanted to quickly share it with you.

College was financially hard for me. I was living in a sorority house and was helping my parents pay for college by working nights as a server and a cocktail waitress. I was voted the Social Chairman of my sorority which meant I got to plan our monthly socials, or date dashes, as we called them.

My second year was particular tough for me financially – as I was struggling to pay my sorority bill and college tuition. I didn’t purchase books this year, instead I was sharing off of friends because even the $300 book bill was steep. I was 90% sure I was going to have to move home with my parents and transfer to a nearby college.

In this same year, I planned our yearly sorority formal. On the night of our formal, as I was getting ready to board our party bus, I saw our House Mom walking towards me. I knew what she was going to say: She was going to tell me that I couldn’t board the bus because I didn’t pay this semester’s bill.

I was preparing to tell my friends (and my date) that I couldn’t join them at the party. I was going to have to go home, take my hair down, wash off my makeup and make the decision to move back home. To my surprise, she walked up to me and said, “Stephanie, someone has paid your entire bill”. What? I asked her to repeat that. “Someone has paid your entire bill. I am not at liberty to say who it was.” I cried inside. Confused and extremely excited, I boarded the bus.

The next day, I called our accounting department to see if there was some kind of mistake. I asked the man on the end of the line if he could help me by explaining who paid my bill. He said, “An angel has paid your bill”. Huh? He then said, “I have been instructed to say that an angel paid your bill. The person or persons has asked to remain anonymous”

(I don’t know if I thanked God first or called my mom to scream with joy when I confirmed the news. Either way, I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped and I hit the floor in excitement.)

I wanted to share this story with you because it is a story of humility, friendship, love and gratitude. I hope everyone goes through their life and (just as the quote says) does something for someone who cannot repay them. Like caring for the elderly or helping children learn to read, write and say their prayers.

Heck, maybe my angel reads this blog so I can tell her how much her gesture meant to me. And how much I will never forget.