The Friendship Hat: Vote by Friday!

Britany may have been runner-up to Danielle (snooze) but she’s still our HGTV Design Star Fan Favorite. Please take a moment to vote! You can vote for Britany Simon as a Fan Favorite until Friday, July 27th.


Oh, and check back here soon – I’m sure she’ll post the behind-the-scenes details from the show’s Season Finale Episode. This was a photo of us at last nights finale party. We were so stinkin’ proud of this girl!

The Friendship Hat: Final Two!

Britany made it to the final two on Design Star. Holy cow. We are all singing her praises over here. Are you watching the HGTV show? More importantly are you online voting? Please. Pretty please! Britany is a dear friend and we would love your support.

The Friendship Hat: Design Star Updates

My girlfriend, Britany Simon, is doing great on HGTV’s Design Star! Every time I watch this show, I find myself in disbelief that this little blonde can design the heck out of a room (I can’t even hang a photo straight)!

If you love the show as much as I do, then check out Britany’s blog – she posts a personal recap of every episode after it airs. It’s super fun to read all of the little secrets she spills that didn’t make the show. Go get ’em Britany! And come over soon, my house is looking less and less cool every day.

Oh, and vote, vote, vote for Britany as your Fan Favorite! You can vote up to ten times a day here. Currently, she’s ranked 3rd as the Fan Favorite. Grrr … let’s push her to the top where she belongs.

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The Friendship Hat: New Design Star!

My digital detox was amazing! Just want I needed to recharge and regroup. I jumped on Facebook 3 times in 7 days (that has to be some kind of record) and was officially back in the social scene yesterday.

To my delight, I was treated to a fabulous Facebook post from a friend! Britany Simon is going to be on HGTV’s Design Star! She’s been a friend since high school and I simply adore her  personal and professional style.

She has taken all Kelsey’s photos and possesses such a glow about her. Her knack for fashion and interior style is impeccable and truly shines when she is in her realm – interior designing.

Click here to see meet the Design Stars and to VOTE for Britany as your Fan Favorite. I know, I know, it’s hard to say she is your favorite without seeing the show, but I swear – if you don’t know her already you will fall in love. Please help us make her a Fan Favorite by voting!

It’s simple and only takes about 3 seconds. Have a wonderful day! xo