A Dog and his Red Ball

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Our dog has a weird obsession with this red ball. When this red ball is around, nothing else matters. He is fixated! He loves this thing. I swear, if this red ball ever left our house, this dog would wander the entire state of Arizona looking for it.

Tonight, as the kids were swimming, Ryan took the red ball away so we could attempt a photo with Logan (our dog). He literally bolted so fast that he knocked the kids off of the float in search of getting his ball back. Look at those eyes. He’s determined!

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More than just a hair salon

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Saskia Salon 15
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saskia salon

saskia salon

Let me introduce you

The passion that pours out of Saskia Salon is something to be desired. Saskia has been my hair dresser for over nine years now and she has seen me through highlights, lowlights and everywhere in between. She knew me before marriage, before kids, before postpartum hair loss (it’s a real thing).

Through the years, I have seen Saskia master jobs at Australia and New York Fashion Week. I’ve known her through Redken hair classes, top educational workshops and Kevin Murphy Diamond Key accolades. I’ve been pretty fortunate to see her star rise over the years. Most recently, watching her own salon grow into a success.

Saskia is not only one of the best hair stylists in Phoenix and her salon is not just a pretty place with purple walls … she is a passionate, creative genius who puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Her salon emulates that. I truly love going to Saskia Salon – not only for the great color, cut and blow dry, but to see a busy salon full of “glamazons” who work harder than anyone in the business. And, not to mention Susan at the front desk offers you a latte when you walk in.

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Saskia Salon saskia salon

Thank you, Saskia

For making me over today, for always being all smiles, and for keeping my “Arizona blonde” hair far, far away from brassy while still maintaining a “glow”. I appreciate you more than you know and I always leave your salon feeling more inspired than the moment I walked in. Oh, and thank you for talking me out of bangs, Nicole Kidman ‘red’ and for not letting me chop my hair in desperate hours of ‘wanting change.’ You’re the best.

If you’re looking for a new stylist in the Valley. She’s your girl. Visit saskiasalon.com for contact information.

Good Men. Good Wine. Good Sushi.

It’s the little things that he does that make my heart smile. He’s been doing them for years, he just doesn’t know it. Back when we started dating, Ryan would do things at dinner that assured me chivalry was not dead. Little things. Like, when we ordered a shared appetizer. He would reach across the table, grab my plate, dish me up the appetizer, and then get his own.

ra sushiAnd how he always seems to find that one open bar stool at the bar and pull it up just for me. Or, when the parking lot is full he offers to drop me off so I don’t have to walk while he circles and circles the parking lot for an open space.

Not to mention how he is with the kids. When the kids start screaming and he knows I’m getting frustrated, he’ll make up some excuse like, “Babe, I really want to put them down tonight.” Or, “Let me give them baths, you just relax and then meet us up in the room after.”

Tonight was no exception. We were at dinner (babysitters … score!) and as we were waiting for our table to be ready at our favorite neighborhood sushi joint, we decided to grab some drinks at the bar. For whatever reason (condensation?) every time I drank from my wine glass, I would get drips of water spilling out from the bottom of the glass.

Before this little leak had the chance to bother me, Ryan grabbed the glass, patted it dry with a napkin, checked to make sure that stopped the “leak” and then put it back in front of me. I know, I know. No biggie. But to me it was. There he was, in the middle of telling a story, and thinking about my well-being and comfort.

Sometimes it’s in these silly, little moments that I am reminded of how amazing he is. Thank goodness for good men, good wine, good sushi … and the weekend!

ra sushi

ra sushira sushira sushira sushi ra sushi

The Parenting Hat: Be Silly

She forces me to be silly. I just love that about her. I think kids do that in general to us. We’re old. We’re tired. We’re stressed. We’re grumpy. We come home from a long day of work and they don’t let us relax. In a good way.

We can’t sit around the table over a glass of wine and vent about our jobs. There’s no time for that. We can’t hold a grudge. No time for that either. But, there is time to curl up on the couch with a blanket and put a red-nose on your face and turn to your mom and say, “I love you.”

There’s always time for that.

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No filter. No editing. Just Kelsey being Kelsey.

The Inspirational Hat: Motivational Monday

Sorry, it’s been a while since I did a Motivational Monday post. Mostly because I was lacking a little inspiration myself. But I saw this print and just had to bookmark it. It’s so true!

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In the blogger community, it’s easy to look at another lifestyle blog, another cooking blog or even a wedding blog and think – “Why can’t I ….”. Well, enough of that. Just be yourself. Who cares if you have 1 follower or 1 million, as long as you’re being true to yourself and writing what you feel.

The Local Weather: Rain or Shine

What’s with our weather? One day I’m sweating at Spring Training and the next (like, the very next) day it’s hailing in my backyard. Weird. Ryan and I were both at home on Friday (with a sick baby) when the storm hit.

We literally thought our front windows were going to break. The hail storm was that loud. Besides having to deal with the aftermath, we were kind of hoping for broken glass. Only because our front windows are older than we are.

hail in arizona

hail in arizonahail in arizona