The Birthday Hat: More Photos

I just can’t get enough! Here’s are some more photos of baby’s Mickey Mouse birthday party. PS – No one told this first-time-mom that red cupcake icing stains.

My father-in-law took all of these photos. Isn’t he fabulous? I didn’t re-touch a single one.

The Family Hat: Mickey Mouse Birthday

With friends and family, we celebrated Kelsey’s 2nd party with a Mickey Mouse party in the park. It seemed only fitting after our recent Disneyland vacation. Thank you to all of her friends who came to part-ay: TJ, Morgan, Raegan, Alexa, Ava, Jaxon, Thomas, Emma and Connor. And all of her adult friends too!

Her best friend at school, “Rae Rae” came to the party (thank you) and she was so surprised. We only needed 4 band-aids (she fell into the same bush, twice) and no tantrums. Ryan, Kelsey and I couldn’t have asked for better weather or better company.

So happy!

This is Lea and Grace, neighborhood friends of Kelsey (future babysitters?).


This is Raegan “rae rae” – Kelsey’s best friend from school.

Kelsey bug blowing out her candles.

We got the urge to pose like a soccer team.

And, that’s a wrap! Thanks to all for making Kelsey’s day special.