Splash Pad Birthday Parties

tSplash pad birthday parties call for baby muscle tees, doughnuts, water fights and lots of tired babies afterwards. This was our Saturday morning. We spent it with our good friends, The Barker’s, celebrating baby Jason’s 2nd birthday (weren’t you just pregnant, Jen?). I swear, time is just whizzing by.

dkmnajRyan and his buddies, Brandon and Dan with baby Brooklyn. Poor Dan, about 15 minutes later he got caught in the middle of a four-year-old water fight. You don’t want any part of that, these kids are tough.

olrgthomas the train kids birthday party cakeLet’s just pause for a second. How amazing is this Thomas the Train birthday cake? This was for real. I might have cried when the kids tore it apart. It was too pretty to eat. But, we ate it anyway.



Happy birthday, Jason. We just love watching you grow into such a cool, little dude.

Kid Parties: Little Mermaid Cake

When Andrea brought over Kelsey’s cake, I thought it was perfect. It was ombré on the outside (and inside) and had blue pearls on it, perfect for her Little Mermaid theme. Then she mentioned she had to “assemble the cake.” What happened next was culinary magic.

cake 3

Suddenly, we were looking at a beautiful cake, with Ariel on top and the words K-E-L-S-E-Y spelled out. Personalized and perfect. Kelsey couldn’t take her eyes off of it.


little mermaid party ideas


See those orange things? Andrea made candy mold starfish and shells to add as accents to the cake and the cupcakes. It’s details like this that truly made Kelsey’s day extra special. If you’re wondering … they tasted great too.



Andrea makes fantastic specialty cakes, desserts, cake pops, brownies – you name it. If you’re ever in the market for a cute kids cake or a themed dessert for one of your parties, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to pass along her information.

The Mommy Hat: Kid Party Prep

I can’t help it. I am prepping for her 4th birthday party and I am super emotional about the entire thing. She is almost four years old! It’s just not possible. Our conversations are getting much more ‘deep’ and we actually talk like friends. I can’t wait to see where the rest of our years take us.

In the meantime, I’m taking a vacation day from work so I can prep for her party. I was in Chicago for work all week and didn’t have time to get everything done that I wanted to. Plus, I want her to feel extra special at her party tomorrow! The day after her third birthday party she said she wanted “A Little Mermaid Party next” … so that’s what we’re working on over here.

kid parties

The Friendship Hat: Kid Parties We Love

My dear friend, Beth’s daughter turned four! We celebrated at her Hawaiian-inspired birthday party, complete with leis, hula skirts, squirt guns, a kids “car wash”, piñata (that used to have a head) and a lot of friendly faces. Happy birthday little Baylor. Just yesterday I feel like you were turning two.

kid partieskid parties

kid parties.

kid parties

Headless hula piñata.

kid parties


kid parties

The kid “car wash”



Ryan holding Colton in one hand. Gear in the other.

Teething means you get to chew on water bottles..
kid parties

PW bravely managed the ‘build your own sundae’ line

kid parties


kid parties


Baylor’s brother, Auggie (aka Tank).

kid parties

Such great parents, lighting the candles.
kid parties kid parties kid parties

 Happy birthday, Baylor. Dig in!

The Hostess Hat: Dora Party Favors

There’s a party being planned over here. It’s almost Kelsey’s third birthday party! Seriously. With two kids, you have to start early so I’m putting together all of the party favors. I thought putting the favors in “big kid cups” versus baggies would be fun. Kid goodie bags = sugar, chocolate, stickers and noise makers. Their parents will love me.

dora party ideasdora party favor idea

dora the explorer party favors dora party favors

The D.I.Y. Hat: Idea for Kid’s Parties

This is probably the coolest idea I’ve seen in a while – it’s totally up my ally. Visit The Sweetest Occasion and you’ll see what I mean. I’m sold!