Kelsey Rocks (pun intended)

Since we took Kelsey out of pre-school for 5 days for our vacation, I was worried that she would digress. I know, I know. It’s a mom thing. You take them out of school for a few days and then suddenly, on day 3 you start¬†freaking out over all of the learning she is missing out on.

Lucky for me, my aunt came to visit us on the 5th day of vacation and brought me relief in the form of a kids craft project. We painted rocks into lady bugs, monsters, a moose (her choice) and even one with her initials. It was messy. Fun. Creative. And the perfect blend of hands on learning to put this anxiety driven mom at ease.

Kelsey Rocks Kid Craft Ideas

Kelsey Rocks Kid Craft IdeasKelsey Rocks Kid Craft IdeasKelsey Rocks Kid Craft Ideas