Why I Love Maternity Leave

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Besides the obvious, being off work for 8-10 weeks, I am so thankful for the opportunity to bond with my newborn son without interruption while on maternity leave. I don’t take this time for granted nor do I take for granted how thankful I am to my company for providing paid leave.

Sure, we aren’t Netflix, who offers 12 months leave, but I do get a few weeks to bond, heal from labor and just enjoy quiet days like this one was. Yesterday, Nolan and I spent the day listening to the rain and talking to each other (that was mostly me). I snapped a few pictures to remember this moment by. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my afternoon.

PS – At six weeks old, he’s already growing out of this rocker thing!

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Those little piggies! I could just eat those toes up.

Pictures, lately.



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I actually thought I would have more time on my hands than I do. Being on maternity leave, I had all of these grand plans to redecorate the house, practice my photography, learn graphic design, get my Christmas shopping done (ha!). But really, in between nursing, napping, doctor’s appointments and snuggling with my little baby every chance I get, I haven’t had the energy.

That said, I have had some mini accomplishments. I’ve cooked and baked, I bought Kelsey her much-requested Malifecent Halloween kids costume, got to every doctor’s appointment on time (a win!), enjoyed morning sunrises with Nolan and a warm cup of coffee, managed to grocery shop with a newborn, and I’m working with Kelsey’s school to help plan their Kindergarten fall party. Doesn’t sound like much … but truth is, I need to be okay with taking it easy.

I tend to forget how many days (weeks?) your body needs to heal itself from delivery. I’m still recovering from labor and need to come to terms with the fact that not every day is going to be filled with “things to do.” Also, it’s day 13. Thirteen, Steph. Less than 2 weeks since I delivered this 10lb miracle.

I am really enjoying this precious time at home with my babe. Time I’ll never get back. Time I’m so grateful for. Time to heal. Time to bond. And time to just sit back, relax and enjoy this incredible ride. Aaaand if that means filling my day with baby kisses, Sex & the City reruns, naps, pumping sessions and more time invested washing baby bottles than washing my hair, so be it!

The Photography Hat: Simple Snapshots

Life around here has been busy. Great, but busy. Ryan and I are getting this two-kid thing down. Or, at least we think we are. And that’s probably because I’ve been off of work for 10 weeks. Here’s just a few snapshots from the past week.

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It’s truly amazing the kind of time you have when you subtract 40+ hours at the office and 6+ hours/week commuting. I have to say, staying at home isn’t always a walk in the park (although that has been nice too) but it sure beats the stress that comes along with meetings, reports, tight deadlines, business attire (yuck) and rush hour.

Besides, if someone is going to stress me out and get on my every nerve, it’s much nicer that that person comes with a cute tushie and big heart versus a balding man in a business suit. So -with a heavey heart -I bid you farewell, maternity leave. Until next time … (maybe).