My mother’s day surprise!

Rarely am I speechless, but last night I was. Ryan, the kids and I had a Scottsdale staycation at The Phoenician. We went to dinner at Relish (our favorite burger joint) where Colton was an angel baby. He sat in his chair the entire time, no screaming, no crying, and he ate all of his food (it was a Mother’s Day miracle).

Then we ran around on the putting green (shhh, probably not supposed to do that) before heading over to SURGE, their new splash pad. I told Ryan all about this splash pad, but I must not have explained it well because when he saw it he goes, “Wow. This is legit.” Just imagine how a Luxury Collection hotel would do a splash pad, and this was that.

Kelsey ran right in! When I asked her what the new splash pad was like she said, “Mom, it’s like a splash pad but with thunder!” The “thunder” came in the form of these buckets overhead, they fill up with water and dump water on anyone underneath. It was about 5 minutes in and I ran through the splash pad with Colton only to be completely dumped on by one of those buckets. Doh!

After grabbing a glass of wine and draft beer at the pool bar, we walked over to the main pool where they were getting ready to show the Disney movie, Brave. It was dive-in movie night and Kelsey was over the moon. While Ryan and Kelsey lounged by the pool watching the movie, Colton and I went upstairs to the Thirsty Camel lounge and danced the night away to the sounds of Jack Johnson, played by a local guitarist.

The night could not have been more perfect. Not to mention my gift!!! Ryan and the kids bought me a new camera. A new DSLR that is small (thank you!) and can take HD video (hallelujah!). He also bought a case, straps and a new pancake lens “just like Teri’s.”

I can’t even begin to explain how excited and surprised I was. I have never, ever, ever, ever been able to take a picture in dim light or indoors. Ever. And if you know me I complain about this every chance that I get. Well, folks, get ready because the Sony NEX-7 does just that! Here are some pictures (in dim lighting, thank you very much) with my new camera. Keep in mind that I literally just took it out of the box and started shooting so I still have to figure it out. Ryan even charged the battery so I could start shooting straight from the box (he knows me so well).

Happy Mother’s Day, best day ever!!!!!

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