48 Hour Scare

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We had a little drama this week. On Monday evening, we noticed that Nolan wasn’t eating as much – he usually nurses for about 20 minutes or drinks 4 ounces, and since he was eating about half of this amount each feeding, we knew something was up. By 2am we noticed a low-grade fever. By 8am, I was standing in line at the pediatrician’s office waiting to be seen by our doctor. By 8:45am his fever was 98.6 so we were told to go home and carefully monitor him.

By noon, I could tell his fever was back.  His forehead felt really warm. Ryan came home from work and bought us an old school thermometer because doc’s orders were, “You have to take his temperature in the rectum to get the best results.” I groaned, “Aren’t the forehead thermometers just as accurate.” It was a $60 thermometer, after all. Turns out the answer is, “At his age, you have to take it in the rectum.” Insert panic on my part here. I made Ryan do it. I just can’t stick that thing up there, it doesn’t seem right.

Sure enough, his temperature had spiked to 100.7. By 1pm, I was standing in line at the Cardon Children’s Hospital with Nolan in my arms, waiting to be seen. By 2pm, Nolan had been admitted to the hospital and received a spinal tap, blood work, IV and catheter to help determine if this was just a nasty virus or a bacteria infection.

By 3pm, I was told that Nolan had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours until all test results were back. I wasn’t going anywhere so I looked at Nolan, kissed his sweet face and – through some tears of my own – said, “Alright, buddy. You ready for a 2 day sleepover?” It was about this time that I realized I had not showered that day and had no overnight belongings. Lovely.

By 4pm on Tuesday, we were settled into our hospital room and that is where we stayed until noon on Thursday. I am so grateful we were in such great care, because on Tuesday night his fever spiked to 103. Talk about panic on my end. However the nurses were as calm as could be. They had it all taken care of. In fact, they were always two steps ahead of me.

Baby Nolan was given antibiotics, fluids and he was nursing – he was also stuck cradled in my arms (I was not about to let go for one second!) so to say he was in great, loving care, was an understatement. Turns out, the fever broke on Wednesday at 10:30am and we were allowed to go home 24 hours later. All of the test results searching for an infection came back negative. Praise Jesus.

I thanked God for taking care of him. I cried. I did a little dance. We were able to go home! Now, Nolan is healthy, happy and has returned to his normal self. It was just some horrible virus that he had to kick. I learned a lot over these past few days. I learned how great nurses are. How wonderful my husband and family is. And how strong a bond is between a mother and child.

Now … where were we. Ah yes, that shower. Let’s go get to it.

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The Family Hat: Colton has arrived!

My son is here! Colton Nicholas arrived on Monday, December 3 at 1:35pm. He was born 9lbs, 5.4 ounces and 21 inches. A big boy, indeed!

Big sister Kelsey is loving her new role. Immediately, she gravitated to Colton and showered him with kisses. I’ll never forget her expression as she entered the hospital room: her face lit up with joy! It’s truly magical to watch her be so gentle with him. We are blessed beyond belief.

To all of the nurses at Scottsdale/ Shea Hospital (especially Jerri) thank you so much! You made our labor experience very comfortable and enjoyable! We were induced at 41 weeks and spent three days at this hospital. We saw many nurses and have to say, Jerri, was the best. She was truly amazing.

















December 3 is a day we will never forget. Colton, my dear son, welcome to the world and welcome into our family. We will love you forever and always, you are truly a dream baby. So calm, so cool, so collected – you are clearly your father’s son.

Your sister came into this world with much more to say (screaming at the top of her lungs) and so far, you have been taking to your doctor’s appointments like a champion. Your energy actually helps me calm down in stressful situations. Level headed already, just like your daddy.

When Papa asked Kelsey what her favorite part of seeing Colton for the first time was, she responded with, “When they made his feet black” (she loved when the nurses took his footprints). She also recently patted my stomach and said, “Mom, do you have another Colton in there?”

No. thank. you. Mom is hanging up her pregnancy hat … for a while.

The Family Hat: My New Niece

My sister-in-law gave birth to a beautiful girl last week. Her name is Alexis, and she is perfect. Ryan and I sprinted over to the hospital after work to get a peek of our new family member. Both mom and baby are doing great.

I do have to admit this: Ryan and I were walking down the hall to Alexis’ room when we heard newborn babies crying. We both stopped and looked at each other in horror. Then broke out laughing. Oh boy, do we remember this phase. To all you new moms out there, you have my fullest support. That newborn baby stage was the most exhausting time of our lives.