Lauren’s Bridal Shower at The Vig

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger
I’m playing catch up a bit, but wanted to share with you some pictures from my sister-in-law’s bridal shower. I’m head-over-heels happy that she found such an awesome guy to spend the rest of her life with. Kelsey and I attended her bridal shower at The Vig Uptown … it was such a memorable day and a great way to kick off the wedding festivities. In one month, she’ll be a bride!

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

Little tid bit: Years ago (before us kids), my father-in-law sold his ’57 Chevy to buy my mother-in-law this turquoise necklace. Aaaaand, she rarely wears it (doh!) so Lauren decided to wear it at her bridal shower. What a statement piece! Don’t you think? It’s beautiful and she looked great wearing it.

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

I wrote about how to make these little succulent party favors here.

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

mom blog
phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

DSC03728 small
phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

mom blog

phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

the vig uptown
phoenix bridal shower - mom blogger

One more month! I can’t wait for their wedding.

Holiday Cocktail: Peppermint White Russian

christmas cocktail - peppermint white russian recipe

holiday cocktail - white peppermint russian

It took me a long time to figure out what welcome cocktail to make at our family Christmas party. I ended up with this Peppermint White Russian. It’s a festive spin on a classic White Russian and it was a huge hit at the party. It’s not super minty – which is nice. And it definitely hit the ‘holiday theme’ over the head. The first sip is a little strong (it’s kind of like drinking a martini through a straw) but after that … it’s smooth sailing.

Recipe is below 

holiday cocktail - white peppermint russian

holiday cocktail - white peppermint russian

holiday cocktail - white peppermint russian

Here’s how we made it (makes 1):

Garnish the rim of the glass with agave honey & crushed peppermint*
Fill the glass with ice
3/4 ounce Vodka
3/4 ounce Peppermint Schnapps
1 ounce Kahlua
Fill the rest of the glass with half & half
Stir & serve!

*To crush the peppermint, we put candy canes in a Ziploc bag and took a hammer to crush them into itty bitty pieces. Enjoy!

Holiday Cookies

holiday cookie exchange party

Kelsey, my mom and I attended a holiday cookie exchange last night. Let me just tell you … if a bunch of your mom’s friends invite you to attend a holiday cookie party, you go! You don’t even question it because these ladies know their way around the kitchen. I mean, just look at our sugar loot! PS – I’m on a diet. Doh!

Party in the USA!

DSC05104 small 2

fourh of july pinetop

DSC05190 small

fourh of july pinetop

fourh of july pinetop

fourh of july pinetop

fourh of july pinetop

Where do I even start? We had the best Fourth of July in Pinetop surrounded by family & friends. My in-laws hosted a party in the pines with live music, barbecue, too-much dessert, fire pits and all the drinks you could want. My parents and best friends were in town as well, so together, we gathered around and enjoyed this remarkable holiday as one big family.

pinetop fourth of july

pinetop fourth of july

4th of july

DSC05315 medium

Pinetop collage

4th of july

fourth of july party

It was all fun and games until Colton woke up from nap and realized everyone was at his cabin. It took him about 45 minutes to be okay with the notion that these people were here to stay. Once he warmed up, and let go of my leg, we were all happy campers again.

DSC05235 small

DSC05266 small

DSC05293 small

I can’t put my finger on it, but I love this photo so much. Thank you, Teri, for snapping it! My husband is pushing two kids on a swing and entertaining two others. And if you look reeeeally closely on the tree (front and center) you’ll see a squirrel wearing a helmet.

Thank you to my father-in-law for hosting such a memorable weekend and 4th of July party at the cabin. A lot of work goes into these things (especially when it rains and you have to move everything into the garage last-minute) and I am truly grateful!

We hope you had a wonderful time celebrating America’s birthday too!


Sweet Girl. Sweet Tooth.

cupcakes 6
Kelsey and I walked into Sugar Lips Cakery to pick up an early birthday cake for Colton. I told myself that I would not buy a cupcake, “We are just there for a cake. Focus, Stephanie!” and then Kelsey spotted it … a perfectly pink cupcake with a swirl on top.

I got to the register with one cupcake and then, ah what the heck, throw in another one for me. The lady at the register said, “That will be $2.” Two dollars? As it turns out, Sugar Lips Cakery has a “Happy Hour” one hour before they close on Wednesdays and Saturdays where all cupcakes are one dollar!

Sweet, I thought before turning back to the register and asking for four more. I have no self-control. None. Whatsoever.

cupcakes 1

cupcakes 3

cupcakes 4

cupcakes 7

cupcakes 11
We admired all of the beautiful cakes they had on display, and then we found a great corner in the cakery and dug in!

Teri’s Autumn Holiday Party

holiday party 9

Almost every year, Teri hosts fall party to kick off the holiday season (check out this one from 2011). She’s much better than me, because she actually waits until after Thanksgiving to dial up the Christmas decorations – so truly, this is an autumn party.

Ryan was home with a terrible cold (thanks, Colton & Kelsey) so I went solo. Teri is such a fantastic hostess – and I just loved catching up with dear friends (hi, Rachel) that I don’t get to see as often as I like. She had just the right amount of light, food everywhere, a local guitarist, bar station and all the fixings to make it feel like the holiday season has arrived.

Thank you so much for hosting, Teri! I just love your darling home!

holiday party 8

holiday party 2

holiday party 10

holiday party 5

holiday party 3

holiday party

holiday party 4

holiday party 6

holiday party 7

How cute is her house? I’m coming over one day and taking pictures of all the cute designs, little corners and personal touches that make her little bungalow in downtown Phoenix so perfect!

TomKat Studio // The First in Phoenix

TomKat Studio

TomKat Studio

“This had your name written all over it.” Thank you, cute little Kate Spade cards. This is exactly how I felt when I visited TomKat Studio in Chandler. You’re probably familiar with and now (if you live in Arizona) you can shop locally. Her shop opened a few weeks ago and it’s a must-visit. If “presentation is everything” then TomKat Studio has you covered with the cutest & craftiest selection of party and gift supplies.

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona

TomKat Studio

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona
Party straws, cupcake liners, fringed garland, favor bags and plates in every color you can imagine! For those who love to entertain and throw parties, TomKat Studio is like being a kid in a candy store. I love how the shop is set up – crisp white walls and shelving really make the merchandise pop!

TomKat Studio Party

TomKat Studio | Party Supplies Arizona

tomkat studio

Kim Stoebauer is the owner and founder of (named after her kids Tommy + Kate) and that’s her studio on the right: She has a little nook inside this store that she uses as a workspace. Don’t you just love the black & white walls? TomKat Studio is located inside Found Design Co on Chandler & Ray Rd. Make sure you stop in and check them out!

TomKat Studio

kim at tom kat

Kim, it was great meeting you and your team today. I loved hearing the story of how long you’ve been in business and all of the great ventures you’ve been a part of. I hope our paths meet again soon. Who am I kidding … I’ll probably be back in your store next weekend. Congratulations on the new store!

Splash Pad Birthday Parties

tSplash pad birthday parties call for baby muscle tees, doughnuts, water fights and lots of tired babies afterwards. This was our Saturday morning. We spent it with our good friends, The Barker’s, celebrating baby Jason’s 2nd birthday (weren’t you just pregnant, Jen?). I swear, time is just whizzing by.

dkmnajRyan and his buddies, Brandon and Dan with baby Brooklyn. Poor Dan, about 15 minutes later he got caught in the middle of a four-year-old water fight. You don’t want any part of that, these kids are tough.

olrgthomas the train kids birthday party cakeLet’s just pause for a second. How amazing is this Thomas the Train birthday cake? This was for real. I might have cried when the kids tore it apart. It was too pretty to eat. But, we ate it anyway.



Happy birthday, Jason. We just love watching you grow into such a cool, little dude.