Raindrops over Santa Fe

Last week, I went to Santa Fe for work. I’m hoping this is one of my last work trips because traveling with an extra load (a la a baby bump) isn’t the most glamorous. I stayed at La Posada de Santa Fe and took a few pictures one morning when it was raining. New Mexico rain is the best. It smells the best and always cools down the city. That, or I’ve been living in Arizona way too long and don’t know what a real rainstorm is anymore.

I can’t say La Posada de Santa Fe is the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed at, so don’t let the Luxury Collection sign on the door fool you: This is not a traditional luxury resort. But if you’re looking for an authentic Santa Fe experience, this is the place for you. The adobe guest rooms, the history, the kiva fireplaces and the art (oh, the art! It’s all over the walls) … it’s a very charming resort.

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

La Posada de Santa Fe Resort

Montelucia Sunday Brunch

We celebrated my mom’s special day (mother’s day) one week early with a brunch at Montelucia. I brought some bubbles to bribe the kids with if they sat through brunch (it worked!). Colton ate his fair share of the buffet and Kelsey helped me pile on the capers with my breakfast (I can’t get enough of those things).

scottsdale brunch

brunch and babies

sunday scottsdale brunch

We celebrated Grandma too – she’s the ultimate mom. If not for her, this entire crazy crew wouldn’t be here. And on the right, those are comics my dad brought along. Since I can remember, he’s been cutting out comics from the Sunday paper that he finds funny (and relevant) and he gives them to us, or puts them up on his refrigerator. It’s nice to know some things never change.

summer in arizona

montelucia family resort


montelucia sunday

The pool was just too tempting. We stuck our feet in and hung out awhile. We wading in the pool until I was too hot to move. Colton wanted to walk back and forth on the steps about a gazillion times. It made me think – I’m definitely booking a summer staycation by the pool. If I didn’t have my iPhone in my pocket, I might have just ‘fallen’ in the pool when no one was looking – it looked that relaxing.

montelucia resort spa family scottsdale

montelucia resort

I know I say this a lot, but jeez – those two up there are just heaven in my life. She loves him so much and it’s so amazing to watch their relationship grow. I couldn’t do life without these two making me laugh and smile every single day.

arizona sunday

mom blog arizona

many hats of a mom blog

Look at Colton’s cheeks! This kid loves bubbles. He was doing this until he was red in the face. Then he started pouting because “the bubbles didn’t work anymore.” Also see: He spilled all the bubble solution on his shoes. It’s tough being two.

Happy Sunday!

The Best Resort (and drinks) in Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado

I had a business meeting at the Hotel del Coronado last week. It was my first time at this historic resort. At first glance, I kind of felt like I was on a Disney cruise – with all of the kids running around, but then I got the reason why: The Del is a safe and beautiful place, steps from the beach. The amount of activities for kids (and adults) is unreal.

Hotel Del coronado

They have somewhere between six different restaurants, a comedy club (Laugh Factory), spa and a ton of little shops. Plus, it’s a true Southern California staple. The resort was beautiful, charming and exuded so much character. I will definitely be back to the resort … only next time, I’ll ditch the laptop back for a diaper bag and bring my family along for the ride.

hotel del hotel

We had dinner at Eno Pizza & Wine bar at the Del and I had some of the best gluten-free pizza to-date. It was topped with fennel  sausage and charred broccoli and was the perfect compliment to a cool glass of wine, great conversation and a beachside sunset. I introduced Kelly to the art of taking a picture of everything you see. It’s true. I’m guilty.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Hotel Del 12
I wish I had more time because their Sheerwater restaurant looked pretty cute too. Prior to dinner we had cocktails at Sunset Bar. The group and I sipped on lavender lemonade, blackberry margaritas and white wine before calling it a night at the Laugh Factory (where we saw Biff from Back to the Future perform). I vote for all business meetings to end this way.

Hotel Del Coronado Hotel

The Life of Dual Working Parents

This dual-working parent thing is no joke. One minute you’re here. One minute you’re there. Your husband has to be your best friend and you have to work together to ensure everything stays in order and the kids don’t miss a beat.

I told Kelsey last night that I was leaving on another work trip. She got sad for about 32 seconds and I thought, Here it comes. How do I explain to her that mommy has to work just like Daddy does. Then, she turned to me and said, “Mom, can you tell me the story of Little Mermaid one more time?”

I love their innocence. In that moment, I was reminded that I probably miss her more than she misses me at this age. I love those kids so much. I’m in Aspen now. Instead of working inside the hotel lobby, I stepped outside with a glass of vino and my laptop and took the photo below. I’ll post photos from Disneyland soon and then Aspen. I promise.

If the kids and Ryan were here … well, then it would be perfect.

st regis aspen

The Travel Hat: Summer Vacation Deals

Traveling this summer? Starwood just launched new summer vacation deals for SPG members – book your summer vacation and receive 35% off rates plus complimentary breakfast. You have to be a SPG member to enjoy these great savings, but signing up for SPG is free! Check out the promotion here.

summer vacation dealAnd, while you’re traveling snap some photos and tag using hashtag #mysummerstory. You may be featured on the promotional marketing that Starwood is doing this summer!

This summer, we’re taking the family to The St. Regis Deer Valley Resort in Utah. It’s my mother-in-laws 60th birthday so what better place to celebrate? I’m even more excited because Kelsey and Colton are coming along for the ride.

You see the Funicular in the photo below? I think that is going to be Kelsey’s favorite part. That’s how you enter the resort. You park at the base and then ride up to the resort lobby. There is a Concierge there to greet you and gather your bags. Fancy. Fancy.


st regis deer valley

I’ll also be in Canada for the first time. Montreal, to be exact. Assuming I can get my passport updated in time (yikes). I have only been married for 5 years and just now realized that I need to update to my new name.

Once I get there, I won’t care about the expense and hassle of a new passport, I’m sure of it. I’m staying at the Sheraton Montreal Hotel. Excuse me, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel.

I’m really looking forward to adding these two great places to my summer story this year. Do you have any travel plans? Do tell!

Montreal local area

Montreal Hotel

Link to book on the promotion noted above found here.