The Family Hat: Santa Photos 2012

I love her expression in these photos. Priceless, if I do say so myself. She loves herself a good pose and pout. This is another photo for the record books. I swear she doesn’t learn this from me …(right?).

Did you know Bass Pro has an entire winter wonderland for kids inside? Who knew? My in-laws took these two crazy kids there on Friday and said it was awesome for kids. That’s where they got these photos. They said they have crafts, Santa, activities, ornament making stations, carousel … the works! And it’s free. Head on over if you can.

The Mommy Hat: Santa Baby

Santa made a cameo at our family Christmas party last weekend. Baby wasn’t too impressed. In this photo she was making sure I didn’t leave too far from her sight. I stood a mere five feet away. And within 9 seconds of being held by Santa, she was ready to come back to mommy.

  We also got some great photos of the other kids with Santa. I have to say, Ashley’s photo was my favorite. Ashley, baby, you are just too cute for words.


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