Soaking Up Summer this Labor Day Weekend

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summer mom blog
summer mom blog
Labor Day Weekend3

The kids and Ryan are soaking in every last bit of summer. The pool has finally “cooled off” to a mere 90 degrees … which actually makes it feel refreshing in this AZ heat. I dipped my toes in and then had the hardest time getting out of the pool (it’s what happens when you’re past your due date and don’t have any stomach muscles left to help yourself out). Nolan … ahem … where are you?

Summer Rain


It’s raining. It’s pouring! Well, it was last night. When we got home from dinner, it was raining at our house. You guys. This is really exciting because a) we live in Arizona. b) it’s a gazillion degrees during the day with zero cloud cover c) have you ever seen how excited kids get when it rains? Ryan and I sat out on the back porch and watched these too crazy kids get soaked.

DSC06583 blue

The thunder and lighting made it impossible to get out the umbrellas, so instead, Colton just stripped down to his underwear and ran through the puddles like a champion. Because, why not?


Arizona, you’re so pretty when you’re not a scorching 115 degrees. You should sprinkle more. We’d all love a good monsoon … let’s say, every weekend?

Strike a pose, girlfriend


This is her new pose. She literally tilts her head the side, sticks out her leg, points one toe and then puts her hand on her hip. I have no idea where she gets this stuff, but it sure beats her pose last month – which was to stick out her tongue every time the camera was on her. This little diva child has so much personality, I hope she never loses that or tries to hide it. She is my beautiful ball of energy and I love her so.


Monsoon Season

monsoon season

monsoon season

“Come on, guys”

The one thing we do love about Phoenix summers are the monsoons. If we’re lucky we get storms that roll in unannounced to cool off the desert, change the colors of the sky, blow some dust around, and sprinkle (or downpour) some rain. It’s truly random when these storms roll in and sometimes they can be gone as early as they came.

During a monsoon, the desert dust and giant clouds illuminate the sky. It’s pretty cool thing to see, especially if you’re 20 months old. This was Colton the other night. We were all outside when a storm hit. Colton was very good about pointing out the fact that we all needed to run inside. And yes, his face was covered in food.


Summer has been really good to us, lots of family memories are being made over here. Some of our favorite things about summer:

1. Pooltime!
2. Bright umbrellas, palm trees and blue skies
3. Nektar Juice bar every Saturday morning after swim class
4. Refreshing bowls of cherries
5. Sunday morning church (and trying to sneak in a photo)
6. Frozen (that one was for Kelsey)

We hope summer is treating you and your family well too. It’s hoooooot out here, but the kids are loving it.

Children Soothe the Soul

I’m convinced that no one can possibly be in a bad mood when swinging with children. The complete joy that comes from being around two of my favorite kids, while swinging outdoors in the summer sun … what could possibly beat it? Ryan and I are still trying to figure out a way to quit our jobs, still make money the same amount of money and do nothing all day except play with these two. So far, we can’t figure out how to swing that (bad pun alert). Meanwhile, these photos are from our summer vacation in the mountains.


A Good ‘Ole Country Store

If you find yourself in Pinetop, you have to go into Eddie’s Country Store. Owned by Eddie Basha (who owns a chain of grocery stores in Phoenix), this shop has everything you would expect in a country store – friendly service, locally sourced produce, good prices and really good food. We go for the apple smoked bacon. We stock up on the stuff, it’s that good. They also roast hatch green chili in front of their store. The smell alone is enough to get you into their store. Plus, there’s a little deli inside where you can grab a quick lunch.

When we were in Pinetop for the week, Kelsey and I visited Eddie’s while the boys were napping. We blasted our favorite music in the car, shopped the small town shops and stopped in Eddie’s. She’s my favorite partner in crime and makes ordinary moments, like this one, feel so special.


Little Bear Lake with our Littles

I was never a nature lover until I met Ryan. In fact, I still can’t stay outdoors too long or I start feeling dirty and the bugs around me start to really get on my nerves. But I know how to savor the moment and soak in the sight of mother nature, she sure does a beautiful job.

When we had the choice to go left for “Little Bear Lake” or right for “Big Bear Lake” we decided to go left. It was only fitting as we wanted to spend the afternoon lakeside with our two littles. We found the perfect spot and camped out for a few. Note: You have to buy a $10 permit to do this, you can do it at the gas station just before the turnoff.

little bear lake

little bear lake

Little Bear Lakelittle bear lake little bear lake The kids saw this squirrel and it was too funny because Kelsey was so quiet and whispered, “hi little buddy” while Colton decided to jump up and scream and run toward the little fella.

little bear lake little bear lake litte bear lake little bear lake I told Ryan that besides the bubble machine in the way, this looked like a Toyota car commercial. Speaking of, the bubble machine was a hit. It totally got the kids to stay in one spot and not immediately jump into the lake. As enticing as it was for Colton to do that.

little bear lake little bear lake little bear lake little bear lake