Relish Burger Bistro | Aka Burger Heaven

For those of you who live in Arizona, make the trip to Relish Burger Bistro at The Phoenician for lunch. For when you do, you can get an amazing Kobe burger (cleverly garnished), delicious tater tots and great beers & lager. To complement your meal, you’ll see some pretty golf course views.

Order the s’mores for dessert and they’ll bring a mini fire pit to your table for roasting. I promise, you won’t break the bank and your kids will thank you. They even serve root beer floats for the kiddos and adult shakes for us.

Side note: When I was little, my Nana told me that we were the only people who knew the recipe to make a root bear float. “Shh … no one knows this but us,” she would say. I think it was the next week when we were out to dinner and I saw “Root Beer Float” on the menu. Seeing root beer floats on the menu at Relish reminded me of her.

Relish Burger Bistro, ArizonaRelish Burger Bistro, Arizona

Relish Burger Bistro, ArizonaRelish Burger Bistro Relish Burger Bistro, Arizona See the golf tee in the bun? Besides the food being great, it was details like this that I just loved. This is Ryan’s Southwestern Burger.

Relish Burger Bistro, Arizona

This was our s’mores dish. There are no pictures after this because we were too busy digging in. The smell of this fire reminded me of roasting s’mores in Deer Valley – just last month. Funny how a trip to somewhere new in your hometown can make you feel like you’re out-of-town.

The Family Hat: Yes, Your Heiness

Snow White came to visit this morning. She’s a lot more sassy than Belle is. In fact, she demands that I am Prince Charming, my husband is Dopey. And Colton? Well, that’s the best part. She insists that we call him The Queen. Poor guy. I wonder if he’ll pay her back when he’s older and demand that she plays trucks, trains and automobiles with him.

snow white dress up snow white dress upsnow white dress up snow white dress up

The Parenting Hat: Things that Make My Three Year Old Throw a Fit

Life with Kelsey has been a bit rough lately. She is two weeks shy of turning three and boy, are we feeling it. The terrible twos never really hit in our household, so I think she is making up for lost time. Here are some things that make my three-year old throw a fit.

We gave her milk instead of water.

I didn’t put her movie in fast enough.

I flushed the toilet, instead of her.

She can’t get her shoes on.

Her winter jacket isn’t purple.

She’s not allowed to eat rocks.

No one wants to drink tea.

We forgot to buy waffles at the grocery store.

Starbucks is out of lemon loaf.

The cat looked at her.

Not enough bubbles in the bath.

She has to buckle her own car seatbelt.

She can’t kiss her brother when he’s sleeping (he JUST fell asleep, kid!)

Green beans are gross.

Green beans are good, where are they?

I gave the teller my credit card when she wanted to do it.

It’s nap time.

Dad opened the backdoor.

She has to wash her hands.

No one painted her nails.

We brushed her hair.

She can’t watch three movies in a row.

Her cheek hurts.

Her princess pajamas are dirty.

She can’t drive until she is 16.

I said, “Good Morning”.

My hair is in a ponytail.

The dog is wearing a collar.

She wanted to turn off the light switch.

It’s not her birthday today.

These are not gummies they are fruit snacks.

Someone is talking.

We ran out of bananas.

The Fashion Hat: How to Pronounce Ralph Lauren

Are you ready for a random fashion fact? I used to work for Michael Kors, so you can quote me on this: The way you properly pronounce Ralph Lauren is to say Ralph Lore-IN. Just like a girl’s first name (my sister-in-law’s name, to be exact). You do not pronounce it Lor-WREN, as in Sophia Loren the actress. I feel like it’s my fashion duty to tell you this.
Why did I think of this? Because my brother bought Kelsey these adorable Polo shoes from She is about the outgrow them and I love them so much, I was browsing online to buy a new pair. Yes, this is how my mind works.

The Mommy Hat: Naptime is the New Happy Hour

If I can’t judge a book by its cover, then can I judge it by its title? This book seems right up my ally. It’s all about managing life with a toddler in tow. I love its sister book, Chardonnay is not for Sippy Cups so I’m going to add this book to my Christmas list.

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I don’t have a toddler (yet!) but I can appreciate another mother’s hysterical spin on parenting. Isn’t raising a kid a riot? Some nights I cry. Most nights I laugh. Tonight, I reflect. What a wonderful thing we are all doing! We get to raise babies. Humans. Little people who will grow up and know Jesus. Who grow up and become something to someone. Ahhh … these are the moments I sit back and go, “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Books like this make me think. They make me laugh. And they remind me to look on the bright side of everything … even dirty diapers.