“Mom, I got this.”

Kelsey has the art of posing in front of the camera down like a science. It’s like girls are just born with natural swagger. Colton on the other hand could care less if the camera is pointed his way.

I kept saying, “Colon, look over here. Colton, look at mommy. Colton, smile.” Finally, Kelsey took matters into her own hands and said, “Mom, I can get him to look at you.” Thanks, Kelsey.

little bear lake - manyhatsofamom.com

little bear lake - manyhatsofamom.comlittle bear lake We took these two to “Little Bear Lake” and watched as they strutted around. Kelsey was so proud to show me her “camp site”. It was actually this location where Ryan and Kelsey recently went camping (more from their past kids camping trip here.) We hope the first few days of summer are treating you well. We sure are having fun.

They just won’t stop

Growing! And it’s really cool and crazy to watch. As I watched Kelsey push the world’s ugliest baby doll around the backyard, I couldn’t help but wonder where the time goes. I mean, just look at her! She’s like a little adult. I just can’t handle that. And then there’s Colton (who had to do what she was doing, even if that meant pushing a pink shopping cart around). Why is he so big? Where is the time going!

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And that face, right there, is the ‘tude I got all weekend. 🙂

The Family Hat: Weekends

Sprinkled donuts. Button noses. Squishy baby butts. Handsome husband. And one obsessive chocolate lab.  That’s my weekend and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

bosa donuts family family


The Parenting Hat: Weekend with One

When you have two kids and you get the opportunity to only watch one, you suddenly realize that having one is a piece of cake. This weekend, Kelsey was at the cabin with my in-laws. Let me say that part again. This weekend. Yes, the entire weekend we only had one child to look after.

It was so relaxing. When Colton napped. We napped. When I cleaned, no one messed it up. We watched TV whenever we wanted. I painted my nails (and had time for them to dry!) We went on a date. I had dinner with a girlfriend. And, Colton got one-on-one attention all weekend long.

And even though it was super relaxing and quiet, we miss our little diva pants so much! I can’t wait to see her this afternoon. In the meantime, Colton and I are going to go outside and finish our game of airplane. He looks totally excited about it, don’t you agree?


The Photography Hat: Simple Snapshots

Life around here has been busy. Great, but busy. Ryan and I are getting this two-kid thing down. Or, at least we think we are. And that’s probably because I’ve been off of work for 10 weeks. Here’s just a few snapshots from the past week.

instagram pictures

instagram 2

It’s truly amazing the kind of time you have when you subtract 40+ hours at the office and 6+ hours/week commuting. I have to say, staying at home isn’t always a walk in the park (although that has been nice too) but it sure beats the stress that comes along with meetings, reports, tight deadlines, business attire (yuck) and rush hour.

Besides, if someone is going to stress me out and get on my every nerve, it’s much nicer that that person comes with a cute tushie and big heart versus a balding man in a business suit. So -with a heavey heart -I bid you farewell, maternity leave. Until next time … (maybe).

The Wellness Hat: Weekend Leisure

It’s the weekend! Slip into something fabulous and comfortable and enjoy yourselves. We’ll be taking Kelsey to her friends’ 2nd birthday party, followed by lots of errands. Here’s to hoping I see a little ‘relaxation’ this weekend. Have a good one!

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The Frugal Hat: Our Last Garage Sale

“This is the last time we’re having a garage sale!” – that’s what Ryan and I say every year. Yet, we have one (sometimes two) every year. I like to shop and my husband hates clutter, so about once a year, we go through our closets, drawers and see what we can sell.

Kelsey was a big help – she walked around and took off all of the stickers we had on the merchandise and ate most of the guests’ donuts. Fun stuff. Although … this is the last time we’re having a garage sale.

Nanni and Kelsey coloring and taking the cash.

The goods.

This is our ‘it’s way too early for this’ face.

Kelsey taking off all of the stickers.

And then giving them to Grandma Betty.

Ryan finishing off Kelsey’s Dora drawing.