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My husband told me that I needed to get out of the house. I was going a little stir crazy being on lock down with Nolan. So, naturally, I called one of my best friends and she immediately agreed to a lunch date. Lunch means wine and lots of conversation in our book. So, that’s exactly what we did. For three hours, to be exact.

Teri is one of my dearest friends and one of those girls who will come over, rock your baby, play with your kids and bring a bottle of wine. What in the world would I do without friends like this in my life. Feeling pretty grateful today for her and for three hours of uninterrupted girl and wine time.

We went to Z Tejas and guess what our waiter’s name was? NOLAN! I am serious. I may have pulled him aside and said, “Nolan!!! I love your name? Do you love your name? Do you? Do you?” I was a bit of a creep like that. He was actually named after the baseball player, Nolan Ryan. Ahem, that’s my son’s name!

Ahhh … today was a great day.

Guest Blogger: Meet a Magnificent Mom

Kristen Shroyer is a Magnificent Mom that you have to meet. She is Vice President of Sales and one of the Co-Founders of ONEHOPE, a company that gives half of its proceeds to select charities. That’s right. 50% of their wine sales help to support breast cancer research, the fight against autism, clean water projects and much more.

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She’s also the mom to a beautiful baby girl named Jessica. As a new mom and a busy business owner, Kristen knows what it’s like to wear many hats. She travels a lot for work (about 3x per month), as part of her job is to manage sales and distributors of ONEHOPE in the Southwest.

I wanted to feature Kristen as a Magificent Mom because I am inspired by her passion for work, philanthropy and family. I asked her a few questions about life as a busy working mom, and here is what she had to say.


What is your favorite part of working at ONEHOPE Wine?

The people, the culture & the social impact we are making on a daily basis. Having a great product to drink after a long day doesn’t hurt either!

What is the most challenging part of your job?

Trying to build a brand, in one of the most competitive industries, during a challenging economy – all while working with an extremely minimal budget since we donate half of our profits to partner nonprofits. Luckily, there is no other product in the wine industry quite like ONEHOPE! The traveling and time spent away from my family is also challenging.

You have a beautiful baby girl, as well as a full-time job. What is your favorite part about being a new mommy?

Jessica just turned 3 months old! Time has flown by so quickly. My favorite part about being a new mommy is just the amount of love I have for her!  It’s such a special kind of love, too.

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Do you find it difficult to have a work/ life balance? 

Yes, and I’m still learning how to do this day by day. I need to be better about turning off the cell phone and closing the laptop when the workday is over.

What is it like having to travel for your job? Do you find it hard to be away from Jessica?

Traveling has definitely been difficult; I miss her so much when I’m gone. Thankfully we have an incredible nanny, grandparents close by and my husband is extremely helpful, so I always know she is in excellent hands. My husband synced her baby monitor with my iPhone so I can watch her sleep when I’m away, I love that!

What is the best part about motherhood?

All of the little moments: the cute little grins she gives me, the way she cuddles in my arms, how she breaths loud when she sleeps, the silly faces she makes when I give her a bath – it just keeps getting better and better!

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What do you like to do in your down time?

Since I’m always on the go for work, I just love to relax and watch my bad reality television shows (Real Housewives, The Bachelor – you name it!). We have two other children, four-legged ones that is, that I really enjoy taking on walks. Jessica loves to join us in the Baby Bjorn! I also play the acoustic guitar and like writing my own music.

Do you have any tips for working moms, just like you? 

I’m a big fan of making lists and goals for myself – always making sure to display them in a place I see everyday. Organizing my thoughts, goals and to-dos really helps – and I love the accomplished feeling I get when crossing each item off! Another silly tip – if you don’t have a crock-pot, buy one! I use my crock-pot probably twice as much as I use my oven.

*If you know a Magnificent Mom and you want to share her story here, just send me a note.

The Girlfriend Hat: Friendship Rocks

I had a fabulous lunch with an amazing friend today. Sometimes a mid-afternoon conversation break is just what the doctor ordered. We didn’t take photos – and frankly I wish I had a personal photographer on stand by so I could show you how ridiculously amazing Teri is. Here she is in her family holiday photo, complete with a handsome husband and a perfectly dressed pooch. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend, Teri. I appreciate your friendship more than you know. xo

Read her blog here.

The Vino Hat: I’ll drink to that

I’ll drink to, well, just about anything these days. As a working mother to a beautiful almost-one-year-old, a girl’s gotta have some time to herself. Besides a good workout, a glass of wine and some good music always helps to release stress and relax.

In fact, my husband and I have become quite the wine snobs. We love vino. And I’m becoming more savvy about what’s a good grape and what isn’t every day. Why do you care? Because I found a wine that not only tastes good – but supports a great cause. It’s called ONE HOPE Wine.
Allow me to introduce you.

Each bottle of wine supports a cause. From the fight against breast cancer to supporting our troops and our planet, every time you buy a bottle of ONE HOPE Wine, they will donate 50% off all profits to charity (view their featured causes). Here’s how it works: Visit this website, or ask your favorite restaurant if they carry the wine. Sip, drink, guzzle or just taste the delicious drink, and then sit back and relax knowing that you are helping to support a major cause affecting you or those around you. .
ONE HOPE Wine is giving my readers a special 15% discount on every purchase made online. Visit and enter promotion code GIVEHOPE15 at checkout.