Thanksgiving with the Cousins

many hats of a mom blogger

My in-laws put on a fabulous Thanksgiving and I’m STUFFED! I literally had three pieces of pie. Small pieces, but still … three!! And now, I’m just going through a few photos that we took right before dinner tonight. I love seeing all of these cousins in their element. It’s pretty cool to just kick back and watch them play.

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blog

My itty bitty beautiful baby boy, Nolan Ryan, at 11 weeks old.

many hats of a mom blog

many hats of a mom blogger in phoenix

Two of the most handsome men I ever did see.

mom blogger in phoenix

We snapped this photo right before we left for the night. If I’m learning anything it’s that you take a photo before you leave for the evening (if you want one of you all together) because once you’re out the door, you’ll forget / get busy / get distracted / forget your camera / or no one will care to stop and pose for you. Ahem … Kelsey.