The Announcement Hat: I have some news!

I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I would never apologize for not blogging. I mean, heck, we’re all busy. We all get  distracted and we all need a break sometimes. But … I have been missing in action for a while now and I wanted to tell you why.

It’s such an exciting time. But I have truly been miserable. With Kelsey I had brutal morning sickness until week 16. With this baby, the morning sickness all-day nausea is just now (as in today) starting to fade away. And boy, do I have stories for you.

For any new mom-to-be who gets morning sickness, you and I should compare notes. But, we’ll save that for another post. For now, we celebrate! With what you ask? Fooood, of course.

Enjoy your weekend!

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