The Baby Hat: All Better. Almost.


Hi guys! I want to say thank you for all your wishes. I’m feeling better. I bribed mommy to stay from work and hang out with me all day, Monday. We had a great time. We played outside, so I could get fresh air and I stood up for the first time. All by myself! I came crashing down after three seconds, but that was just enough time for mommy to snap this photo. How do I look?

4 thoughts on “The Baby Hat: All Better. Almost.

  1. Glad the little lady is feeling better – that didn’t sound like fun at all. Standing? She was just born! Looks like you picked the perfect day to stay home… maybe it’s a sign šŸ˜‰

    1. hahah – AND she said “mama”. No lie. We were on our way to the doctor’s office and I heard it. What a great day to be home. xo

  2. im glad the the little angel is feeling better.. i have 2 girls and when one of them is sick so is the other so i know how you feel.. but maybe u staying home was a blessing cause you got to see her stand for the first time..

    1. It really was!!! I was also able to see her talk and talk … even though she was sick. I think I’m going to make more effort to use my vacation for less vacation and more days at home with the little one.