The Blogger Hat: Excuse me for a moment

I am officially the worst blogger ever. At least I feel that way lately. I really want to take good pictures, write good stories, redesign this site (what a time suck that is!) and document my kids day to day so I can retell it to them when they are older. But sometimes the day just slips away.

And sometimes I sit there at night thinking of all of the things that I should have done that day but didn’t get around to it (between all that life has to offer, she sure does serve us a plateful sometimes, doesn’t she?)

Breath, Stephanie. Just breath. I say that a lot. It’s not just one thing, it’s a lot of things. I worry about not spending enough time with my kids. When I’m at work … well, I’m at work and not with them. And I struggle with that a lot. I wonder if any working mom really gets over the I’m-at-work-away-from-my-kids guilt.

Enough of that. I just wanted to jump in here and let you know I’m still around. Even though Motivational Monday continued until Wednesday. Now, I have to run to go pick up the kiddos because Kelsey and I have a hot date with Connect Four and Colton and I have some snuggling to catch up on. And if time permits, Ryan and I will catch the second half of the Downtown Abbey premier. It was 2 hours!? Who has time for that!

Have a great night!