The Blogger Hat: Technically Speaking

I wonder if Kelsey will read my blog posts one day and think, Twitter? How old school, mom. Just like I look at my dad’s 1990’s “Zach Morris” cell phone and think – really, dad?
I find myself so plugged-in lately. I do enjoy it. But, I think everyone can benefit from a digital detox now and again. Maybe I’ll take one soon. But first, a blog post (and perhaps a Facebook status update) to admit that I need to step away from my computer and un-plug. Ironic?

One thought on “The Blogger Hat: Technically Speaking

  1. love it. I feel that keeping up with blogs, facebook, etc keeps me intune with the outside world where when I ask someone to hand me the bag of goldfish, they won’t scream “nnnooooo!!!!!”.